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Top Ten Things Californians don't understand about Boise, Idaho

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Idaho is a great place to visit but if you are going to live here, do as Idahoans do!

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Some tips to becoming a "Local" Boisean


6. That white stuff was snow

It does add a little time to the commute but for goodness sake there is no need to over-react. You don't need studded tires and you can go over 12 mph. We live in the desert but are next to the mountains so we can get snow November throgh March (mostly) that could add up but not enough to stop us or drive like it is extreme danger. Slow and steady we go.  If you are new to driving in snow, find an open parking lot to learn after a snowfall. If it still intimidates you,  just wait til the afternoon to get around.


5. Wildlife is to be Appreciated, not Feared

They won't attack you and they are probably more afraid of you! If you hike in the foothills you are likely to see deer. Most wildlife prefer not to see humans, so you are more likely to see them at dawn and dusk. If you are driving in the mountainous areas, they are likely to want to cross the road once you are upon them so drive a little slower and be on the lookout for them.


4. Cattle Crossing does not mean you are on a farm (aka ranch)

There is a lot of BLM land in the area and many times, ranchers graze cattle on it. They do not bother you unless you get too close, like wildlife. They meander and do not realize that cars are going to hurt them when they stand in the road. Like wildlife, they tend to want to cross the road once you are upon them.


3. The grass is always greener on the other side

We have an extensive canal system that carries water to fields and yards. We water the lawns and wash our houses. We don't recommend wasting it but there is plenty to enjoy. Let the kids play in the sprinklers for a couple of hours. Fill up the kiddie pool with fresh water each time you use it. Saturate the garden like you want plump vegetables.


2. Chains on gutters are there for decor.

Idaho does not seem to be a trend setter state but most people are confused  when they see chains hanging off a gutter on a house. It is actually intended to be decorative. As we do not get much more than 12 inches in a year, we do not worry too much about rain.


1. If we look you in the eye, it does not mean we have 'issues' or alterior motives

We are just a friendly and confident group of people. We don't expect anything and are not looking to be anything other than kind. We are sorry it makes you uncomfortable. Once you get used to us you will probably find that being friendly is probably how neighbors are supposed to act. We understand that in the big city, that is not how you act but in a big town, we like to say hello, even at Wal-Mart.

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