4 Questions to ask when considering hiring family to be your Real Estate Agent in Idaho Main Idaho Real Estate Insights

There are thousands of Realtors in the area, someone in your family may very well be licensed but do you really want to entrust the biggest purchase of your life with them?

Family and Idaho Real Estate Agents

1. Do you want family being able to see your money?

They are gong to know how much you paid for your home, how much money you put down and how much you financed. They are going to see the interest rate and monthly payment. If you are paying cash, they will know this as well. When someone asks them about you, will they remember client confidentiality or will they share when the Uncle asks?


2. Will they treat you like a client or like family?

Will your agent step up and treat you like you are family and do everything as expected? Will they go overboard, because you are family or will they have a different work ethic and attitude about you? Will they respond quickly when they are swamped with other clients or will they say "they'll understand, they are family?


3. Are you willing to fire  your agent/ family if they do not do a great job?

Thanksgivings could get interesting! What will you do if they are not as client service oriented as  you expect?


4. What will you do if you find out they do not have the experience or expertise to complete the transaction

Are they new to real estatea or a veteran? Even if they are experienced, can they handle your transaction? New construction is different then buying an existing home which is different than buying land. Real Estate is a diverse industry, even veterans learn something new regularly.


In conclusion, hiring family can be a blessing or a curse. If you feel like to have to hire your family, that can be a recipe for disaster that can have consequences that can cause hurt feelings.

What to do when hiring family

  1. Set clear expectations.
    What do you want outcome to be and how are you willing to get there?
  2. Set Boundaries.
    You need to let them know when it is ok to call you and when not to. The same should go for your agent. How do you want them to communicate with you?
  3. What will happen if your expectations are not met?
    Spell out that if you are not happy, with them at any point you will want them to release you from any obligations.

The problem of course is that no matter how clearly you set expectations and consequences, someone's feeling may get hurt and since you are family it has rippling affects.


If hiring family is not something you want to do, what do you do?

  1. Be upfront with them, they are family, they will  understand?
  2. Let them know why.
    If you are unwilling to share your finances or don't want your relationship with them to change and you realize that the importance and size of the transaction will jeopardize it.
  3. Ask them to respect your request.


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