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Idaho was long thought of as just a place where potatoes grow and then the word starting out. People started learning about places like Sun Valley, Henry's Fork, Coeur d'Alane, Sawtooth Mountains and then all the things do like white water rafting, golf, hiking, kayaking and so much more

Here is what you need to know about Boise Idaho

  1. You are always just moments away from breathtaking nature, mountains, hikes, trails, lakes, caves, escapes, adventures
  2. Idahoans are naturally friendly & open, always willing to lend a hand to friends, family and strangers alike
  3. Small town feel with big city amenities, safe & happy
  4. Amazing weather and sunsets
  5. The Boise Greenbelt
  6. Eclectic diverse options for eating out
  7. Fun downtown vibe
  8. Saturday markets
  9. Clean fresh air
  10. Everywhere is pet friendly

You probably have your own reasons to live here and we would love to here them. Learn more about our city.

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