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Top Upgraded Amenities Home Buyers Want

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Follow these simple steps to upgrade your house with ameneties that buyers want in today's market want. These will help you attract more home buyers and make the most money from your sale.

Across the country and especially in southern Idaho's Treaure Valley, homes are selling for top dollar quickly. In this hot market, many sellers must decide if they want to make certain upgrades to attract more buyers, sell sooner, and receive a greater profit.

Making in-demand upgrades and additions to your home will tip a potential buyer’s favor to your home. These are some proven effective methods of generating more offers and higher prices for your home.

1: Repaint with neutral, buyer-friendly colors

Neutral colors such as white, tan, and even light greys are popular and appeal to a wide range of styles and tastes. As a bonus, this lets you find and cover up any holes or dings your walls may have accumulated over the years. Don’t forget to touch up the baseboards and crown molding!

2: Socket and light switch covers

Be sure to inspect your wall socket and light switch covers. If they are cracked, replace them for the sake of aesthetics and safety. If they don't need replaced, clean them. Feel free to paint them the same color as the wall to make them blend in better.

3: Minor kitchen renovations

Small things such as trendy cabinet and drawer pulls increase the immediate appeal. Slightly larger projects such as painting cabinets, upgrading appliances or new countertops all add to the style and appeal of your home. Butchers blocks add more functionality and usable space to the area as well.

4: New front door

Your front door is a fantastic way for your house to make a statement. This can be as small as a new coat of paint inside and out to match the interior and exterior, respectively. Or, a whole new door can add to your style based on its design and materials. Remember to update the handles and hinges to match.

5: Get new, efficient windows

Brand new windows provide a number of benefits. New windows and window materials provide greater energy efficiency by reducing heating and cooling costs. In addition, getting new windows means getting new seals. This means even less work for your heater and air conditioner as well as fewer bugs getting in!

6: Lighting and fixture upgrades

First, look at replacing old, dated light fixtures, sinks, and faucets with modern ones. Make sure to match the style and color of the fixture to the rest of the house. Second, replace your lightbulbs to more energy efficient LED bulbs. They come in a variety of color tones based on their intended use: Warmer yellow tones for reading and bedroom use versus bright white for large areas and bathrooms. Plus, they draw less power than old incandescent bulbs.

7: Install smart home features

Smart home products are incredibly easy to install and implement into your home. Products like Nest thermostats, Ring video doorbells, smart wall sockets, and smart light bulbs all add value to your home. Prospective buyers who already own smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home love the built-in compatibility between all of these products. Buyers without smart devices still enjoy the modern amenities and saving money on their energy bills.

Do you have questions or are ready to begin your home buying journey? Build Idaho has all of the resources and expert guidance to help you.

Posted by AndrewS at 8/12/2019 10:30:00 AM

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