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9 Amazing Facts Bringing People to the Treasure Valley

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Why are people choosing to move to Treasure Valley cities like Boise, Eagle, Meridian, and Nampa?

Idaho has become a hotspot for people to move to. Specifically, people are moving from larger metropolitan areas such as California, Portland, and Seattle into the Gem State. Why are people choosing to move to Treasure Valley cities like Boise, Eagle, Meridian, and Nampa? Here are a few reasons why.

Better bang for your buck

Idaho home prices are relatively low compared to other state capitals around the country. People are moving to the Treasure Valley from places that have higher costs of living to cheaper places to live. Houses and plots of land sell for less than many other parts in the west, meaning you can get larger and better houses for less than in major cities.

Quality of houses

Tying into the first point, the Treasure Valley cities and towns are carefully planned out and growth is very measured. As a result, the cities and neighborhoods are planned well and the houses within them are high quality. In addition, many builders and developers are hired to build custom houses for home buyers. With people being able to choose what they want in a house, they can have a say in the design quality. Thanks to the large influx of people moving to the Treasure Valley, there are a lot more newer homes entering the market.

Wonderful people

One compliment that native Idahoans receive is how nice we all are. People are very willing to lend a helping hand, give directions, and engage in a quick conversation.  We pride ourselves on curating and maintaining a hospitable and welcoming environment. People want to be a part of that.

Incredible weather

The great part about Idaho is that we enjoy all 4 distinct seasons. We enjoy hot summers, colorful autumns, snowy winters and green springs. Every season brings new activities for everyone to enjoy, no matter what your interests are. Many people discover new seasonal hobbies as a result of moving here.

Ease of access to the great outdoors

The Boise metro area is a hub of urban and rural life coexisting in harmony. Everybody enjoys being able to drive for as little as 10 minutes and have access to miles of hiking trails, great skiing, water sports of all types, and large tracts of open nature to enjoy. Idahoans take great pride in their access to natural beauty. In fact, 63% of Idaho is federal public land. We take amazing care of our public lands and work to ensure they are kept pristine and free for future generations to use and enjoy.

Integrated nature

Boise is the City of Trees. It’s literally in our name: Boise means “wooded” in French. Main streets, suburban neighborhoods, and our myriad of parks all have trees as functional decoration. Our large number of trees keep us cool in the summer, our air clean, and adds to the beauty of fall. In addition, the Boise foothills are a quick drive away (or a bike ride if you’re lucky). The foothills provide miles of hiking and biking for all skill levels to enjoy.

Arts and culture

The Boise metro area has become a small, but growing center for arts and culture in the Pacific Northwest. The Treasure Valley contains numerous museums and art shows. Every summer, Art in the Park draws artists from across the Pacific Northwest to display and sell their works. In addition, beautiful concert venues and popular musical events including Treefort Music Fest and the Mountain Home Country Music Festival draw high-profile performers as well as local acts to the area.

Sporting events

Boise, Eagle and Meridian play host to a variety of sporting events and venues. The most popular are Boise State University football, Boise Hawks minor league baseball, Meridian Speedway racing, The Twilight Criterium bike race, and Idaho Steelheads hockey. In addition, every city has recreational leagues offering a variety of sports to all ages and skill levels.

Growing beer, wine, and spirits

Despite Idaho having a well-deserved reputation for growing and exporting potatoes, one of Idaho’s largest agricultural exports are barley and hops. This has put Idaho on the map for brewing beer. Breweries have popped up across the state and are producing great beers that are sold throughout the western United States. In addition, Idaho wineries are maturing and producing large amounts of amazing wines. Vineyards are growing in size and production, as are the popularity of wine tasting tours. Finally, Southern Idaho has been developing a spirit distilling market. Using potatoes to distill vodka has become a great way to produce high-quality (and gluten-free) spirits. The large sugar beet farms and processing plants have given rise to Idaho-made rum as well.

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