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Two Services Idaho Real Estate Agents should be doing for their Seller

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There are at least two objectives for every agent selling a home for their client.

  1. Help their client get the most money for their home.
  2. Ensure the client is taken care of through the entire process so they have a great experience with the agent.


How to Get the Best Offer for Your Home?


1. One of the first rules of being an agent is client confidentiality.

It is interesting how often agents work to get the home under contract but may not be representing the best interest of their cleints. Many times, a real estate agent representing a buyer can call and get the listing reprentative to give information away that helps their buyer. It is common if you ask what the seller's reasons for moving are and if they will take a lower offer, you can get an answer. Now the Buyer's Representative has the ability to write a lower than full price offer. It is even true that the agent will tell the other agent what the offer needs to be. If the seller has authorized the agent to do so, it is perfectly legitimate but it is still the agent's responsibility to get the best offer. Sharing the seller's motivations may not help them.

2. Allow time for More Offers

One way to get the best offer, especially when the home is in a lower price range for the area is to let agents making offers know that the seller needs 72 hours or some amount of time. This gives a chance for other offers to come in and then ask for the highest and best offers, making agents compete to put together the best price. Buyer's Representatives do not like this because they know it is going to cost their clients money. This is great for the seller, but not the buyer.

You have probably heard the term bidding wars. This is when multiple people are competing to win the home. In a seller's market, which we are currently in, the slower you can go, to a point, the better. The seller wants to be able to consider all offers and more offers normally equates to higher offers. Having just one offer for the seller to consider normally does not create urgency for the buyer to put in a full price offer.  When agents know there are other offers or more offers coming, they will ask their client "How much do you like this home?"

What's your home with in Idaho?

Situational analysis of selling homes can create endless scenarios which is why we try to keep it simple. As a reminder, every seller is different and have unique situations and motivations for selling. The most successful agents in Idaho always remember who their client is, what their client's objective is, what their job is, and follow it up with amazing service.

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