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Is Boise Real Estate Hot, still?

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The Boise Market is a living thing that moves around and changes all the time. Sometimes it is a Buyer's Market, other times a sellers. There are times when everyone seems to want to become an investor and others when many are trying to sell fast.

One of the stats that many people are talking about is that about 100 people move here every day. That equates to some 40 new dwellings needed everyday. This includes single family homes, apartments, townhomes, condos and multi-plex units. Everyday we need more homes also because those of us that live here, love it and are not moving away. So the population of the Metro area is growing.

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We recognize why all the new people are moving in, it is a beautiful place with lots of things to do. Funny how often visitors come to see their friends and family and also fall in love with Boise.

So, Boise is a great place to Live, Work and Play and the economy is strong locally and nationally. As long as this remains true, the Boise real estate market will remian HOT! One reason we are selling so many homes is that out of state buyers are not only able to sell their home but are taking advantage of the appreciate they have seen over the last 10 years. They come with plenty of cash to buy a home.

How long with the Boise Real Estate Market stay HOT?

As long as People can sell their home, they will come. They do not come because we have better homes, though most get more for their money here, they come for the weather, outdoor oportunites, culture, local flavor of activities and we are a friendly group of people. It is so common that clients mention how friendly everyone is in the most unsuspecting places.

Top Ten Reasons to Love Boise Idaho

While we are not known for having an abundance of high paying jobs, we do have a lot of high paying jobs. The tech and medical industries are very strong and there is also a strong entrepreneurial climate. In the online world of business, many people are escaping the large populated metro area with crime and their own version of crazy to come to Idaho where common sense is more common.

If you are also thinking of moving here, we'd be glad to help you also.


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