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Top 10 Largest Employers in Boise, Idaho

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It’s a well-known fact that Boise is growing, both in size and popularity. A large part of the city’s growth is due to large national companies that were founded and based in Boise or had moved here because of the economic opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 10,000 jobs were created in the Treasure Valley in 2018, and the unemployment rate stayed at 3% for 9 months straight. That’s 1.4% less than the national average! Here is a list of the 10 largest companies in Boise that have their headquarters here.

1. Albertsons - 273,000 - The grocery chain was founded in Boise in 1939 and recently acquired Safeway and Paul’s to expand its reach. Empoyment opportunities range from deli staff to corporate positions.

2. Micron Technology - 31,400 - The Boise based tech company specializes in computer memory chips and computer data storage products such as RAM drives, USB drives and flash memory.

3. State of Idaho - 26,100 - The State of Idaho employs congressional staff, public university staff, parks and recreation employees, the DMV, and much more.

4. St Luke’s Health Systems - 12,825 - St Luke’s is the largest private employer in the state. They provide hospital assistance, urgent care, and physical therapy across southern Idaho.

5. WinCo Foods - 12,000 - Winco is an employee-owned company with locations in 10 states. Their cheap food prices and great career advancement opportunities make them popular with shoppers and employees alike.

6. Boise Cascade - 6,400 - Boise Cascade distributes and manufactures wood products and building materials that get shipped around the country.

7. Employers Resource - 4,234 - Employers Resources provides services for business such as HR and Compliance, Workmans Comp and Safety filings, as well as Payroll and Benefits.

8. Trus Joist Corp - 3,000 - Trus Joist manufacturers, markets, and distributes engineered lumber products for residential, commercial, and business construction, and is a leader in the industry space.

9. J.R. Simplot - 2,980 - The Simplot corporation put Idaho on the map with its potato farming. Since then, it has become the state’s largest agricultural company. Its headquaters was recently moved ot downtown Boise in the large business campus that includes the JUMP Community center,.

10. MWI Animal Health - 2,121 - MWI provides products and services for veterinarians, livestock ranchers, and agricultural service businesses.

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