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What Are the Most Expensive Homes in Eagle, Idaho?

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Everyone loves to dream about owning a multi-million dollar home with twice as many bedrooms as family members, a sprawling estate, a giant library, your own private lake, a six car garage, and a giant cave for your Batmobile and other crime fighting equipment. Okay, you probably can't find that last one, but the rest of these amenities and more are available in homes now!

Eagle Idaho Luxury Homes

Regardless, we thought it would be fun to look at the most expensive existing luxury homes for sale in Eagle, Idaho as of 11/6/2019. These homes are large and on massive lots with sweeping views, and have tons of modern and fancy amenities. Have some fun and check out these amazing homes. If one of them suits your needs and you want to take a look or buy it, contact our team and we will get you a showing!

10: 698 W Sherington - $1,499,900

9: 3886 W Houseland Ct - $1,499,995

8 (Tie): 448 E Riversedge Ln - $1.55 million

8 (Tie): 2716 N Emily Meadows - $1.55 million

7: 2524 W Timber Dr - $1.574 million

6: 189 S Moon Beam Way - $1.6 million

5: 4894 N Curlew Ln - $1.649 million

4: 1342 W Applecreek Ct - $1.698 million

3: 813 W Two Rivers Ln - $1.889 million

2: 3700 E Chinden Blvd - $2.245 million

1: 220 N Ballantyne Ct - $2.95 million

If you enjoyed looking at these homes and want to learn more, contact our agents for more information and showing details.

Want to see all of the luxury homes for sale? Click here to see the listings.

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Posted by AndrewS at 11/6/2019 10:38:00 PM

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