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Buying a home is a big deal. It requires a lot of money and due diligence but at the end you get to come home to a place that is your brand new home!

Would you like to come home to a new home?

10. Everything is new and comes with a warranty so you do not worry about fixing anything.

Moving into any existing home means you are depending on the mechanics not to fail and that the previous owner took the time to take care of the HVAC and other systems in the house. Preventative maintenance is very important so take care of your new home as well. Moving into an existing home could mean replacing a heater, A/C or hot water heater immediately.

Helpful tip: If you are buying an existing home, check the home inspector's report on the roof to  see how many years it may have left in it.


 9. Even the appliances are New!

Most new homes come with an appliance package. If you are building a home or it is not completely finished, ask your builder about upgrades or selecting your favorite brand. Today's appliances have made many advances from steam to magnetic cooktops to wireless controls. There are even machines that will grind and roast coffee beans that make you a cup at the exact time you program it to.

 8. Today's homes are built to higher construction standards.

    Every few years national and local construction standards are elevated to incorporate the latest construction practices and newest technologies. This is everything from the foundation to framing to drywall to insulation and even what is inside the walls. One of the benefits of today's homes is the the code standards are pretty high so you have peace of mind in what you are buying.


 7. New Homes are engineered to today’s energy efficiency standards.

This means you will spend less money staying more comfortable. Today’s homes homes are 350 sqft bigger on average than the 1970’s but use about ⅓ less energy. Source: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, US Energy Dept. Dual Zone and Programmable thermostats also help manage the comfort and energy used inside the house. Today, you can turn all the lights on and turn the A/C on to a set temperature so the home is cooled when you open the door, all from your phone.


 6. You are the first person to live in the house. 

There are no hidden treasures in a new home like hair in the carpet or worse. People like to move into a clean home but no matter how hard you try, there are still likely to be signs of the previous owner from kids to dogs to cats. Many people also want to make the house theirs and will re-paint or remodel it to make it fell like their home instead of the last person's.


 5. They are created with the latest interior design trends and finishes.

You will not need to run to the store and re-paint a room or the entire house. The carpet does not show signs of being worn or outdated. The cabinets are brand new so the hinges are not needing repair. The door does not sqeak and the windows close smoothly and effortlessly.


 4. Wired for today’s technology.

Today’s electricians and smart home technology experts are putting cat 5 wiring in homes as well a a media centers to control many components of a home wirelessly. In today's world, many components are connected to the internet.


 3.  New Homes are in New Communities

New communities have open/ green spaces, community parks and pools as well as other great amenities like ponds and tennis courts.

 2.  Outdoor living.

Many of today’s homes have patios so you can enjoy being outside most of the year. Many of them have natural gas stubbed on the patio so you can attach a gas grill and not have to worry about replacing propane tanks. Talk to your builder about adding a firepit, Spa or coy pond. Also in the Treasure Valley, we have irrigation canals that feed water to homes. This can also be on a programmable timer so your grass is always green.


 1. New Homes are better.

Not only for the reasons above but there is something special about buying new, similar to a new car. There is a sense of pride in buying a new home and sharing it with friends. They are more comfortable and do not require the hassle existing homes can cause for maintenance.


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