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Pictures may say a thousand words but great photos speak volumes!

When a picture is about real estate here in Boise Idaho, it could translate into thousands of dollars. Are you selling just another house or a fantastic home? A picture that captures your home in its best light and displays your home as a art work is surely to capture more eyeballs.

Boise Idaho Homes  vs.  Nampa Idaho Home

Studies indicate that at least 92% of all home buyers begin their search online. That number is probably higher as Boise is seeing an influx of out of state buyers.  This means that most people have vetted your house before even looking at it in person. Real estate photography is a critical factor in geting the asking price of your home and how quickly it sells, especially for the luxury home market as well as homes with more unique architecture and features. We also recommend including aerial photography, especially for acreage properties.

Studies confirm that that homes with listing pictures taken by professionals sell for $3,400 to $11,200 more than similar homes without. It was also found that homes with professional photography sold faster. Median priced homes, with quality listing photos, sold three weeks faster than homes listed with amateur photos. With numbers like that anyone can understand the importance of your home’s listing photos. Amazing photos capture the eye and drama stirs emotion, Photos need to captivate our audience because first Impressions are everything when selling your home.

Tips for Great Real Estate Photos

With the importance of getting great photos here are some tips we want to share. We know that many agent will doa great job marketing homes in the our area but some will cut corners and just get photos with their phone.


Capture Great Curb Appeal

The first photo of your home is normally the front of the house. Plan to take the photo when the sun is facing the home for best light. The will reduce shadows from overhangs which many times make the front door look dark. Also, long shadows on the lawn create an amazing look. The front yard should be cleared of unsightly items like garden hoses  and any dead bushes or limbs. Also, pull the car in the garage or on the street our of the photo.

Sell The Surrounding Area

If your home is in a desirable area, capture some aerial photos. Show of where you home is! Let people see the neighborhood. Is the home in a cul-de-sac? Is the community pool or park nearby? Remember, many buyers do not live here so helping them understand more about your home is extremely helpful. Also, aerial photos look really cool if done right,

Clean, Clean, Clean

We cannot emphaisize enough the importance of preparing your home to sell. While photos may not show small blemishes, you do not want someone coming to your house to be disappointed that the picture do not actually resemble what it is. Pictures should emulate reality. Plus, a home that is not "show ready" should expect to receive an offer that is lower. We have share many times the importanceof cleaning, fixing, de-cluttering and de-personalizing your home.


After buyers have toured your home, they are likely return to the online listing to look at the photos again so they can put together the style, colors and finishes with the floor plan they have now seen. This will help the buyers understand how the home flows and how each room relates to the next. High-quality photos that show the home well will keep them interested.

We also recommend using wide angle lenses for interior real estate photography. This helps show more or a room and makes the room look as big as possible. It takes some work upfront to prepare your home for market and getting it "show-ready" but this effort translates great photos which can equate into more traffic which results into solid offers. When you sell your home with the Build Idaho Real Estate team, we’ll provide free professional photography to make sure your home looks its best!

What's Your Home Worth?

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