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The Idaho Statesman in todays issue 1/30/07 had valuable information on tax credits and saving money, I would like to add to it.

Have your home Performance tested by a Resnet certified Home Performance Specialist http://www.natresnet.org/ . I can not stress this enough. Over and over again we are called into homes that have tried to save energy by addressing one or two building components and the contractor does not understand how the home performs as a system, and the home is actually made worse, or the work is incomplete. Unfortunately building and remodeling has become a fragmented process with different subcontractors or trades involved in "getting their job done" and not many individuals understand the changes that technology and conservation has brought to the industry. In the last fifty years there have been four important changes to the way we build homes:

1. Introduction of the thermal insulation

2. development of tighter building enclosures

3. The advent of force air heating and cooling

4. the evolution of building products

This is further complicated by the effects of climate and occupant lifestyle. the interrelationship of all of these factors have lead to major warranty, health, safety, durability, comfort, and afford ability concerns despite good workmanship and good materials. " If you do the wrong thing with good materials and good workmanship it is still wrong." (Joe Lstiburek-builders guide to cold climates). Home performance testing can solve a lot of the problems we have with homes in todays building market. How do you really know if the home is leaky, ducts leak, moisture is penetrating building assemblies, products are installed properly,  health and safety issues are present, etc unless you are testing and inspecting the building or remodeling process? for more information go to http://www.energystar.gov/  http://www.eeba.org/ Typical problems we find when we go into a home are:

1. insulation in-sufficient, missing, or installed wrong

2. vapor barrier incomplete

3. low efficiency equipment  and poor installation

4. excessive leaky ducts

5. Excessive leaky homes

5. No or little air sealing to reduce infiltration

6. No CO alarm

7. Poor or no HVAC filter

8. un-insulated ducts

9. in-efficient lighting, appliances, and water usage.

10. no maintenance on equipment and filters

So As Tony Zornik would say " you don't get what you expect, you get what you inspect" A Home buyers inspection company.

Read Idaho Statesman Article: http://www.idahostatesman.com/157/story/69165.html 

Tad Duby
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Posted by Tad Duby at 1/31/2007 4:05:00 AM
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