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7 Tips for Making A Room Look Bigger and More Inviting

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One major aspect of selling your home is staging. Numerous studies have shown that a staged home will sell faster and for more money. It’s important to make your home warm and inviting.

But, if a room is small or feels cramped, it will hurt your home's prospects of getting sold. In addition, rooms that feel cramped could impact your home appraisal, reducing the amount you can sell your house for. Here are a few tips to make the room look bigger and more inviting.

Floor to ceiling curtains

Hanging curtains from just below the ceiling to the floor makes the ceiling look higher and the walls look taller.


Ditch the overhead light in favor of multiple lamps spaced throughout the room. Having more light sources spreads the light evenly throughout the room while also creating a sense of depth. In addition, multiple lamps can use bulbs with less harsh light, making the room feel warmer.

Furniture with exposed legs

Furniture with exposed legs allows people to see more of the room, rather than having it blocked off by furniture that comes to the floor. Mid-century modern furniture is a great example of this.

Multifunctional furniture

Speaking of furniture, using ottomans or side tables with integrated storage space allows you to keep everything from blankets to remotes hidden, but accessible. This will also de-clutter the room

Fewer, larger decorations

Having multiple, small knick-knacks around the room may show off your collection, but it quickly clutters the room with too much to look at. Instead, utilize a small number of larger decorations. Think medium-sized vases, candle holders, or a couple of coffee table books (no more than three high) They make a statement without taking up a lot of real estate in the room. Bonus points for color coordination. In addition, a simple, larger art piece on one wall can fill a large empty space without taking over the space.


A mirror on a wall that is perpendicular to a window will reflect light around the room. Being perpendicular to a window will reduce direct light in the patron’s eyes and will add depth to the room.

Light and dark color contrast.

Light colors, like mirrors, bring more light into the room. Light walls against darker furniture, or vice versa, add depth due to the contrast. Medium shades tend to make a room appear smaller.

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