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Never Toot Your Own Horn?

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But when you work hard and someone else toots it for you, it is worth sharing.

Here is a review we just received on our Google Business Page from Donna Nooney:

"I had made a big mistake of entrusting the sale of the house to a part-time realtor with another company. It sat for a month with not even a nibble and very few requests to see the house. That realtor, however, was a really nice guy, and he released us from our agreement after it sat while other similar homes were flying off the charts. Once I signed on with an agent from this team, I got lots of showings, lots of networking, and two weeks later, we had a great offer! Henley Kim then stepped in to help us with escrow and very shortly after, the house was sold and recorded! The staging was fantastic (and I only had to pay for one month) and everything went smoothly under the guidance of our realtor and the documents and transfer of funds were all flawlessly executed by Henley Kim. GREAT communication all around, the highest level of professionalism, and just top-level throughout! Highly recommend!"

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Posted by tlangford at 12/20/2019 10:02:00 PM

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