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Take a look at some of the amazing ways Idaho has made its mark on the country and the world. Some of these historical milestones are why Idaho is considered one of the best places in America to live.

  1. President Abraham Lincoln signed The Morrill Act in 1862, which allowed states to establish land grant universities that focused on agricultural and mechanical arts for farmers to receive higher education. Idaho’s land grant school, the University of Idaho, was established in 1889. U of I was Idaho’s only university for the next 71 years.
  2. Idaho can directly thank Abraham Lincoln for its statehood. In 1863, President Lincoln signed the Territorial Bill, which created the Idaho Territory out of the Nebraska Territory. Idaho would receive its statehood 27 years later.
  3. 62% of Idaho is public land. Idahoans love the great outdoors. It’s easy to see considering the access to nature we have. We also work very hard to keep as much of the state publicly owned as possible so everyone can freely get out and enjoy Idaho’s beauty.
  4. Idaho is known as the gem state: This is because of 72 types of precious and semi-precious gemstones found throughout the state. Idaho’s state gem, the Star Garnet, is found in only two places on earth: certain places in India and Idaho.
  5. Idaho is famous for its potatoes. In fact, it produces one-third of the country’s potatoes by itself. Idaho’s other biggest agricultural products are wheat, hops, and onions.
  6. NASA used Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve as moon buggy testing grounds as well as to train astronauts on geology similar to the moon.
  7. The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is the largest Department of Energy facility by land area. INL has contributed a vast amount of research and knowledge into nuclear energy to the nation and the world, including the power plant in the world’s first nuclear submarine.
  8. Arco, Idaho was the first city in the world to be lit by electricity generated solely from nuclear energy. This nucelar energy came from the INL.
  9. Idaho contains over 107,000 miles of rivers and waterways within its borders. Many of these rivers have made Idaho a whitewater rafting destination.
  10. The first alpine ski chairlift was built by the Union Pacific Railroad in Sun Valley, Idaho in 1936. Sun Valley is consistently rated as one of the best places to ski in the world.
  11. The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness is the largest protected wilderness area in the contiguous 48 states. US Senator Frank Church was a Boise native and created the 2.36 million-acre wilderness preserve in 1980 so that it would remain pristine for all future generations to enjoy. The only larger American wilderness preserve is in Alaska.

Whether or not you knew these facts, it's always fun to see how great Idaho is and how it stands out from the crowd. Its no wonder why so many people are moving here. Do you want to experince the wonders of Idaho or just move within the Treasure Valley close to all the action? Call our agents at (208) 629-0217 or contact us to get started.

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