Top Custom Home Trends for 2020 in Boise Main Treasure Valley Life

In our discussions with home buyers and people who are building their dream home, this is what we have heard.

Add Built-In Shoe Storage to th Mud Room

Built-in shoe racks are both useful and improve the health of your home. Taking shoes off when you enter a home can prevent dirt and harmful bacteria from spreading indoors. Shoe cubbies are an easy and affordable customized amenity for your home.

Built-Ins for Home Offices

Working from home or having a home office is very common now. Many people are working remotely whether it is selling a product or creating a brand. Home office essentials include good lighting, filing cabinets and plenty of workspace for your computer, devices and paperwork. Also, many people have cameras, video cameras, lighting, drones and other gear to develop their own images and video.

Reading Nooks and Tech Spaces

Bibliophiles are going crazy for cozy reading spaces! Turn an unused corner or window into a relaxing quiet space where you can sit for hours. Don't forget to install a bookshelf or bench storage.

Home Library 

Floor-to-ceiling libraries are making a comeback! Check out Pinterest for options to style bookshelves. Don't worry about not having enough books to fill the space. You can use the extra shelving to display family photos, antiques, and trendy art pieces beside your favorite books.

Customized Closet Spaces

For new homes, having a master closet is a standard which vary greatly depending on the size of the home or floorplan. Building a custom home is the perfect opportunity to create a walk-in closet that is fully functional. One popular solution is positioning closets at opposite ends of the master bedroom to give you and your partner your own spaces.

Wine Storage

Idaho has become recognized as an award-winning wine region with its perfect weather and soil conditions. So, it’s no wonder we are opting for custom wine storage that is anything from a kitchen wine cooler to a completely customized cellar/room. Wine on display is both functional and elegant.

Kids’ Playrooms/ Family Rooms 

This is a great soution to keeping the rest of your home a little more organized. Give yourself a specail indoor space that is just for your family. When the weather is bad outside, in the evenings, or when the kids need a place to themselves, you have a designated playroom. There are plenty of ways to keep children engaged and occupied, including climbing walls, toy storage, indoor slides, stage curtains and movie rooms. 

Statement Stairs

The best interior designers will approach stairs as its own space and there are plenty of ways stairs can make a statement. By employing the right glass, accent lighting, custom railings, art and flooring you can immediately add style to your home. Any combination of these elements are sure to create a transitional space that wows.

Covered Patios

An outdoor space is perfect for summer entertaining, but also winter, spring and fall. Covered, or partially covered decks are perfect for year-round grilling, and entertaining. Homeowners enjoy covered spaces that protect their outdoor furniture from the elements and allow year-round outdoor cooking.

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