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Look and Act Like a Millionaire on Your Social Media Accounts

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Top credit rating companies are now using social media accounts to assess applicants ability to repay debt according to a recent study. So you should pay attention to what you are posting to Twitter, Facebook and other public forums.

Your credit history heavily influences your credit scores but now credit companies are using non-traditional sources of information such as social media to learn more about a person who does not have an in-depth credit history. A recent report also indicates that these companies can also look to things such as payment history on phone bills, utility bills and even movie rentals. If a person has moved several times in a short time period, creditors may take it as a sign that this person had trouble paying their rent?

While this kind of research into a person’s life can be great news for a homebuyer with a positive digital footprint, it can be detrimental for people who were previously “unscorable.” Before you post on your social media accounts, be aware that what you write is a permanent piece of your digital footprint. Then, carefully consider what the outcome may be.

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