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7 Proven Tips for Spring Home Showing

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Now that we are in the time of year when home sales and showings are on the rise, it is important to remember a few ways to help your house put its best foot forward. Here are 7 proven winning tips to help wow potential buyers.

Maximize curb appeal - Show off your home’s good side by spraying the sidewalk, driveway, and siding. Be sure to remove dead plants from the flower bed or planters and replace them with fresh flowers. Even a new spring-themed doormat will add to the curb appeal. 

Declutter - A clean house sells quickly. Pack away winter clothes, extra blankets, and kids' toys. Use this time to clear out and organize cabinets, closets, garage, and other places where potential buyers will look.

Depersonalize - Remove family pictures, kid’s drawings, and clean up the home office. Buyers want to imagine their life in the house, not yours. Keep art, wall pictures, and trendy decorations out to maintain the style of the house.

Small repairs make a big difference - Leaky faucets, squeaky hinges, dated drawer handles, and worn-down paint are all easy and cheap to fix. Not fixing them could be a sign of other problems and be a deal-breaker to prospective buyers. Be sure to paint over scuffs and areas of high wear to revitalize them.

Remove large or excess furniture - Too much furniture can really make a room feel claustrophobic. There are ways to help with that. Move it to a different room, store it in a storage unit, or sell it. You want your rooms to feel open, roomy, and inviting to guests and prospective buyers alike.

Deep clean - We’ve said it before, but it makes a HUGE difference. Clean everything. Even doors, window sills, fan blades, light covers, floor molding, and the oven. Go through every room in your house with a fine-toothed comb and clean every surface within them.

Fresh spring decor - A couple of vases of flowers add a nice touch, but be sure to change the water and remove or replace ones that get wilty or die. In addition, simple updates like new light bulbs or light drapes can change the lighting of a room. 

Draw a crowd with great marketing - Hiring a real estate team to sell your house is the best, and most cost-effective way to sell your house. They can help with staging your home and will take bright, high-res photos to fully tell the story of your house. At Build Idaho, we can also create a virtual tour with the latest technology to show out-of-state clients.

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