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Building a Custom Luxury Home? Pay Attention to These 8 Features

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The prospect of building a custom luxury home is incredibly exciting. You get to work with a builder to design the perfect home for you and your family that is exactly how you want it. We have a lot of experience working with custom home builders, and these are 8 features that can create hiccups in the design process. Think about these features early so they don’t bother you later.

8 custom home building features to pay attention to

Floor plan

The biggest and most important question about building a custom home is what the floor plan is going to be. It will dictate how you live every day. Consider these questions: Can it accommodate all of your furniture? Is there enough room in the kitchen for multiple cooks and guests? Will the bed and bedroom furniture fit comfortably? Will it be comfortable?

Consider these questions and answer them before breaking ground. Changing them before the build starts will save time, money, and hassle.


Of course, your home is going to have insulation from the elements, but there are two other considerations concerning insulation. First, consider getting insulation that will keep you comfortable no matter the weather, but will also create the most energy-efficient way of heating and cooling your house. The same goes for windows. Building a home is expensive, so pay yourself back a little bit every day with lower heating and air conditioning bills. Talk to your builder about insulation options

Second: think about sound insulation. Do you always want to hear people walking around upstairs? What if multiple people are talking on the phone and you don’t want to get distracted? If your custom-built home has a home office, you will want to minimize outside noise and distractions. One helpful hint is to use solid wood doors. They are a much better sound buffer.


Usually, the default color scheme is white. If you know what your interior design style is going to look like, talk to your builder about painting a wall or room a certain color to match your desired look. Be sure to ask about the paint brand to make sure you are getting good quality.


Flooring is one of the best ways to make a statement in your home. New vinyl flooring is very popular for its range of colors and styles as well as its durability. However, wood floors never go out of style and are always a way to elevate the style of your home. Talk to your builder about the type of wood you want to use during the planning process. Keep in mind the durability of certain wood types and how long or wide the planks will be. There are plenty of options to choose from!

Countertops and tile

The same goes for your desired material for countertops and tile for walls or backsplash. Natural stones are more desired and luxurious than engineered products, and they will last longer as well. Consider the differences in look, feel, and price between marble, granite, natural stone, concrete, or other materials before you start building.


Tying it all together in the kitchen are the cabinets. They tie the style of the kitchen together by matching the paint, countertops, and appliances. Consider the paint color and finish as well as the style and color of the handles and drawer pulls. The small details really stack up.


The lighting in your home should serve a purpose beyond providing light to a room. The fixtures and bulb color are what bring warmth into the room. Do you want chandeliers in the dining room? Recessed lighting in the kitchen and living areas? Do you want or need more lighting in rooms with a lot of windows? Consider using LED lights that cost pennies to run and don’t generate excess heat. They come in a variety of colors to suit the needs of every room.

Smart home tech

Finally, it is important to think ahead about how smart you want your home to be. Many companies offer services to connect your home to your internet and smartphone. These include voice-activated speakers, video doorbells, climate control, light timers, and home security. If you want any of these features, consider where they will be placed and how easy it will be to repair, update or replace them in the future. The world of tech moves fast, so these updates and replacements may come sooner than you think.

If you want to build a custom luxury home, give our team of real estate agents a call at 208.629.0217. Our agents have great relationships with some of the top custom home builders in the Boise area and will work with you and them to find the perfect lot to build your perfect custom luxury home.


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