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Touring homes online is normally the first step in searching homes for sale but now what? If you don't live here or it is not a good time to get out to see it in person what do you do? We can help!

The Build Idaho Team has been showing homes virtually for years as we have a lot of out of the area clients. We have two solutions actually.

The first is simply Facetime, if you are Apple phone people for example. The advantage of this is that it is immediate and we can discuss things at length and answer questions. This allows us to describe the home and tell you more about how it feels as well as zooming in to specific features of the home. We can take our time and really explain things to you.

We have even does this for a military familiar who was overseas and never saw the house until they came to Boise to sign papers and move in. As you can imagine, it was a little nerve racking hoping that we had doen a good job from touring the home through Facetime to meeting them at closing for the first time. AND... they were thrilled because everything was just as they expected. We can do it for you as well!

Another way to do this is actually a recorded video. We prefer Facetime because it is a more interactive expererience for you, allowing you to stop us, ask questions or zoom in to something you want to see more closely. Video is great because it allows you to whatch the tour at the time of your choosing as we explain how the house lays out, what it feels like and describe each element of the home. A video can be whatched as many times as needed and shared with others which is a nice benefit.

We have also done construction updates for clients

Start looking at homes for sale or if you are ready, reach out to us.

Finally, we realize your world may have changed. Please take care and if you have questions you think we can help with, please call us. 208.629.0217

Trey Langford


Posted by tlangford at 3/21/2020 7:57:00 PM

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