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We have a little inside scoop on Renaissance High School. Check out this perspective from a local high school student

Licncoln is my youngest son and attends Renaissance High School in Meridian. I asked him to write about his school and this is his quick report-

School at Renaissance

This year is my third year attending Renaissance High School in Meridian, Idaho. Renaissance is a school that tries to set its students up for success in college. In your first two years they put more advanced high school classes in your schedule so that in your final two years you can take college classes. Some classes they can fit a year in a semester only highlighting important parts of the course so that you still learn everything that you need to. Renaissance is a unique school because it offers three courses that most other schools in Idaho  offer. You can choose to take the Associates degree program that will have you take college level classes from many local colleges in Idaho and at the end of your senior year you graduate with and associated degree in liberal arts from Idaho State University. Then there is the International Bachelorette Diploma Program. This program will prepare you for your college experience and if a student wants to attend college out of state this will look amazing on their resume because of the rigor of the program. Finally you can choose the International Bachelorette Career Path (IBCP). A student taking this program will choose a career path between Engineering, Medical, or Culinary. Their classes are geared towards teaching them job skills and certifying them in different skills. I personally choose the IBCP program and I am focusing in engineering. I really like my school because in past years school came easy for me and Renaissance challenges me and also has classes for my interests. I want to get a job in electrical engineering and go to college for that and over my three years I have taken many engineering classes that introduce me to all kinds of different types of engineering and helped  me come to my liking to electricians. I also received many college credits from Northwest

Nazarene University for my hardwork in my classes. I feel very prepared for college and I owe it all to Renaissance.

L:icnoln Langford

About Renaissance High School

Renaissance High School is a four-year public high school within the West Ada School District located in Meridian, Idaho, United

Renaissance High School opened in 2009 as West Ada School District's first School of Choice high school. It currently houses students in grades 9-12, with an enrollment maximum of 840 (210 per grade level). Renaissance focuses on high academic rigor and college readiness. During the 9th & 10th grade, academic courses are at an honors level in order to prepare students for the challenging demands of the junior and senior years. In 11th grade, students choose to pursue one of three academic pathways: The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, International Baccalaureate Career Program which includes a Career Technical Education (CTE) program course of study or the concurrent credit/Associate's Degree program offer in conjunction with Idaho State University. In either case, students take a rigorous course load leading to advanced college standing and/or college credits while in high school. Students who attend Renaissance need to be able to perform at a level of proficiency or higher which is measured through the spring ISAT’s for Math and English Language Arts (ELA) each year.

1307 E. Central Dr.
Meridian, ID 83642
Phone: 208-350-4380


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