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What would you do if you found the right home today?

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Are you really just looking or would the right home make you jump into action?

A lot of people say they are 'just looking.'

We get it, you are not looking to interact with someone about purchasing a home. Maybe you don't want to talk to a pushy sales person or maybe you are afraid to share personal information or even afraid to answer tough questions. We get it!

But what if today, just by chance, you are sufing homes for sale and one catches your eye. You share it with your spouse or friend and just discuss it for the sake of discussing it. You know that it is probably the right one or at least has good odds since you have looked at hundreds of houses over the last 3 months. Now what?

Most people get started looking and when the right home comes along they are not prepared for the next step. What would you do if the right home came on the market today? Are you ready to take theh next step? What is the next step?

There are a lot of questions that come to mind.

  1. Do you have an agent you trust to make an offer on your behalf?
    1. Are you confident they will help you write a fair offer, protect your interests and win?
  2. Have you talked to a professional lender?
    1. Do they have a complete and accurate picture of your finances including employment?
    2. Do you understand what it really costs to buy a home? Downpayment. Monthly Payment. Move-In costs like renting a truck.
    3. Have you saved enough money for the downpayment?
  3. Do you need to sell a home to buy?
    1. Is your home ready to be listed?
  4. If you rent:
    1. When is your lease up?
    2. Can you get out of it early?
    3. Are there alternate solutions, ie subleasing it to another party?
  5. What is the best offer you can make?
    1. Closing date
    2. Downpayment amount so they know you are serious.
    3. Removal of contingencies.

There is a lot to think about.

Most people don't want to bother an agent because they think they are not ready yet. The reality is most people have a date in mind of when they will be ready but if the right home was found they would not want to miss it. We at Build Idaho understand you do not want to talk to a sales person, we understand and respect that. Part of our job is to be your advisor. We are going to ask the hard questions and either make you face the truth about your situation, positive or negative, and help you come up with a plan.

The best poisition is to know that when the right property does come up, you are 100% ready. You have the downpayment and approved for a home loan. We have a plan on how to win the house by having the best possible offer. You have a plan on getting the home on the market ASAP or complete the lease where you currently live.

If you are thinking of buying, even if it is not for a year, align yourself with a team of professionals. Educate yourself. Ask Questions. You will be very thankful when the time comes.

Trey Langford


Posted by tlangford at 4/3/2020 2:13:00 AM

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