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How to Sell A Home Virtually in 2020

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Have the rules changed with selling a home in Boise, ID?

Well, the answer is yes and no!

Selling right now has the same strategies as they have since the begining.

  • Get your home spotless clean
  • De-Clutter your house
  • Fix things that need to be fixed
  • Paint walls and rooms that will make it look brighter and like your house is loved
  • Is the exterior of your house clean and make a good first impression
  • Attend to the yard by adding bark and flowers
  • Learn more

Your first showing is online! Here are some modern tools to making a great first impression.

t is very important that your home is ready for an in-person showing and we have guidelines ready for you and prospective buyers to help protection guideline relative to the Corona Virus.

Boise Idaho Real Estate is active!

People are still buying a selling homes. For the first time in a long time there are more listings than buyers but we are seeing multiple offers on homes that are priced right. We are still seeing homes sell in less than 3 days.

How will the market change?

Lots of theories out there. Almost everyone believes that it was time for a market correction but no one saw a pandemic as the ignition for change. Some are predicting that due to the economic instability, home values will go down. Other are thinking that Boise will become even more attractive as we get to the other side and homes will start selling at a fast pace again without a noticeabledip in .

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