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5 Essential Home Features To Appeal to Idahoans

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It’s good to be a home seller right now. Despite concerns that the COVID-19 pandemic would dampen the real estate market, the boom is still, well, booming. Homebuyers are out there with cash practically in hand. But don't take it for granted that your home will sell immediately. Today’s buyers are looking for standout features. Here are five essential home features to appeal to Idahoans.

Access to the Outdoors

The outdoors and all Mother Nature has to offer is one reason why so many people are moving here. That’s why homes close to the Boise Greenbelt are so popular. Highlight the parks, trails, and views accessible from your home is the listing and watch your listing views rise, eventually leading to an offer.

A Backyard

What better access to the outdoors than the backyard? A backyard is one home feature that today’s buyers are looking for. Make sure the yard is pet-friendly. Idaho has the highest percentage of dog owners in the country, and you can bet they want a yard with room for fido to run and a fence to keep him in the yard.

A Garage

Not just a garage for parking, but garage storage is a big hit with idahoans. A garage saves you from scraping ice off your windshield on those frosty winter mornings. But Garage storage is also a huge selling point, because, let’s face it: we all have too much junk. A garage is a great place to put an extra fridge, deep freezer, and maybe some bike racks too.

A new garage door can also be a quick and easy boost to your home’s curb appeal.

Energy Efficiency

Idaho has gorgeous summers and some pretty cold winters. Energy-efficient homes make good sense, and Idahoans are on board with it. Not only are EnergyStar appliances easy to find, but the EnergyStar program offers tips on how to conserve energy in homes. Highlight features such as energy-efficient windows or new insulation to potential buyers. It tells them that they won’t have to spend extra money installing it, and they’ll save on their energy bills month after month.

Smart Technology

Technology makes life easier, from video doorbells to smart locks and connected kitchens. Collectively, these devices with data chips and the ability to communicate are the Internet of Things (IoT). These IoT devices can also be a selling point that really appeals to Idahoans. If you don;’t already have smart features installed in your home, invest in a new video doorbell and a smart security system. Buyers also love smart thermostats that they control with their phones.

If you are putting your home on the market, you might have concerns about the economic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. But so far, it looks like the pandemic hasn't hurt, Idaho’s hot real estate market. That means you can start working on making your home stand out in the real estate listings by highlighting some of the essential home features that appeal to Idahoans. If the housing trends indicate anything, you’ll be on to the next chapter in your life in no time.

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