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This review is from Tom Yang

"Hey folks, just wanted to leave a review, we just closed on a property with Jeff Kinshella and had a great experience.

I'd start by saying that we've bought and sold many houses in the last decade, so we're not new to the process and have seen many different kinds of experiences. Hands-down, Jeff Kinshella is one of the best agents we have ever worked with; a few of the notable reasons:

Jeff is extremely collaborative, and where some agents will bring an attitude of "I know better", Jeff really is able to make sure we're comfortable and armed with information on every step, while still bringing all his experience to bear. When decisions had to be made, he took the time to walk through options with us, give us a recommendation, and in the end go with the choices we made.
We can tell that he just plain cares about his customers and the process, making sure that he tries to preempt anything that could go wrong (especially with an older property) so that nothing derails the process. He was always willing to answer questions, broker questions to the other (selling) agent, or talk some ideas through.
We very quickly saw that Jeff was 100% reliable, in terms of being able to make an ask or raise a question, and having no doubts that Jeff was on it. I've seen all sorts of experiences where we still had to 'project manage' the process to make sure nothing was overlooked, but Jeff ran a completely smooth, professional process (along with the support staff).

We'll definitely be working with Jeff in the future on selling our current house as well as buying more property!"

Tom Yang


Jeff Kinshella, Idaho Real Estate AgentWant to work with one of the top real estate agents in Boise?

Jeff Kinshella
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