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Owning a home is a great investment in the future. It’s also a major responsibility. One of the biggest challenges of transitioning from renting to owning is becoming responsible for all of the property’s upkeep and maintenance needs. At face value, it can feel overwhelming, and many homeowners—especially first-time homebuyers—live with the near-constant anxiety that they’re not doing enough to keep their home in good shape.

As it turns out, home ownership and maintenance aren’t things anyone is just magically good at. Properly maintaining a home takes experience and forethought. It takes a plan. In this article, we’ll review just how you can go about building a seasonal home maintenance checklist.

Set your home maintenance budget

Just like everything else in life, maintaining your home takes money. Whether it’s buying sod for your yard in the spring or hiring a professional to clean your chimney in the fall, you need to have enough cash on hand to cover both expected upkeep costs and unexpected repairs.

As a general guideline, many experts recommend that homeowners set aside 1-2% of their home’s value for home maintenance and repairs. If your home is worth $200,000, this means setting aside anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 annually in a savings account, specifically earmarked for maintenance and repairs. While this is a good starting point, there are some flaws to this approach. First, there is no actual link between your home’s market value and your maintenance needs: an older home here in Boise,Idaho might be worth less than a new build, but need far more repairs, upkeep, and care.

If you’re able, we recommend over-estimating the potential cost of maintenance and repairs, and then allowing your monthly contributions into your home maintenance budget to roll over and build. This is the easiest way to create a “rainy day” savings account for your home that can be used to address a major, urgent project—such as replacing your furnace or roof—without needing a loan or putting it on a credit card.

Take a seasonal approach to maintenance

Feeling overwhelmed yet? When you look at everything that your home needs—from the inside, to the outside, to the roof, to the basement—it’s enough to make your head spin. But, here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to all get done at once. By strategically breaking your home’s maintenance into seasons, you can spread out the work (and costs!) throughout the calendar year. Besides giving you some relief, this approach also ensures that certain projects get done at the right times. It makes sense to do certain projects in the spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Consider air conditioning maintenance. One of the key benefits of an AC tune-up is that it helps get your system ready for heavy use in the season ahead. It just makes logical sense to schedule AC maintenance in the spring, since—at that point—summer is right around the corner. This same principle applies to a fall furnace tune-up.

Focus in on your home’s individualized needs

It might be cliche, but it’s true: every home is different. While there are certainly some commonalities all homes here in Idaho share—the need to account for and prepare for heavy snowfall, for instance—your home is going to need a personalized and individualized maintenance checklist.

For example, homes with basements have upkeep needs, such as sump pump maintenance, that those without do not. If your home has a deck, you’re going to have to schedule time in the spring to care for the deck after a long, freezing winter. Of course, all of this is going to ultimately influence your monthly maintenance costs, and will need to be accounted for in your budget.

If you’re ready to put together your seasonal home maintenance plan, start by checking out this infographic. It contains a season-by-season view of what you need to get done throughout different parts of the year. Bookmark this page or print out the infographic for easy reference in the future.


This article and infographic was a guest post from Reimer HVAC. Reimer HVAC has been providing plumbing, heating and cooling service, repairs, and installation for western New York since 1921.

Reimer HVAC Annual home maintenance checklist

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