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Boise is making a name for itself for much more than its beauty and convenience.

Our cty is a unique blend of desert, mountains, and rivers, foothills, creeks and valleys which has created an environment that offers something for everybody,

Boise is getting recognized as the most livable city in the country. Our bustling metropolis has changed dramatically over the past two decades, chainging from a potatoe town to a tech town to now one of the best places to Live, Work, Play and Raise a Family.  We have a thriving center for art, green initiatives, and community development. Boise has created its niche as a hip, urban hub that is being praised by nearly every nationally published top ten list.  Boise has done it without the high cost of living, over-development, or pollution that one finds in its more populated urban counterparts. Boise is a fantastic place to visit or call home!

An Outdoor Lover's Paradise:

We may be known as the Potatoe State and Whitewater Capital but that is just the begining. Outside Magazine named Boise as one of the 10 “Best Big Cities for Active Families.”  Residents enjoy 4,300+ acres of open space in the Foothills, Whitewater Park in Garden City, Bogus Basin Ski Resort, the Boisee River & Greenbelt, the Snake River, Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, and several nearby lakes. 

The 25-mile-long greenbelt stretches along the Boise River to Eagle, Idaho.  The river itself is an all-ages summertime activity for floaters. It is also great for fishing, bird watching and photography.

Making Headlines:

According to Money Magazine, Boise is one of the “Best Places to Live.” In 2019, Boise again, consistently making national lists for our quality of life. We love our 4 distinct seasons and mild climate. Boise was ranked as one of the top five “Best Travel-Worthy State Capitals” by USA Today.  A combination of big city sophistication — wine bars, bistros, and a modern cityscape — as well a plethora of recreation and art offerings help make Boise a “must see” for the modern traveler. 

A Downtown Trendsetter:

Livability ranked BoDo (Bose Downtown) as #6 in their list of “Top 10 Downtown Scenes.”  BoDO is easy to enjoy as everythings is walkable, and eco-friendly. Boise’s downtown scene is unique in all the right ways, with just the right blend of charm, small businesses, and modern conveniences. Check out 8th street and surrounding blocks for shopping, eating and drinking.

The Economic Powerhouse:

Boise was named on the top ten list of cities with job growth potential. Many are surprised by this but as CEO's stratgize how to grow their companies, Boise is making a lot of sense for all the reasons listed here. Plus imagine how happy employees are to enjoy shorter commutes, higher quality of life, lower cost of living. You can only imagine how this resonates with top performing companies.  As one of Forbes’ top “Fastest-Growing Cities in America,” it makes sense that the population boom has impacted job creation as well, with tech and competitive industries like Micron and Cradlepoint creating a solid foundation for economic stability. Boise has also been named as one of the country’s “Top Cities for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers.”

A Cultural Hub:

Would you be surprised to find out that while the nearest major city is 5 hours away Boise has a strong culture for the arts. We were the #2  “Most Artistic Mid-Sized Cities in America”  based on the numbers and influence of museums, art schools and performing arts centers in the community. We have everything from the Boise Art Museum, Freak Alley, and MING Gallery, to public art walks, to the Boise Philharmonic, Idaho Shakespeare Festival and Art in the Park Festival. It’s safe to say that Boise has earned its reputation.

A Leader in Educational Front Runner:

Boise has been repeatedly ranked as a top ten college town, among other accolades.  Boise also ranks #2 as an “Up and Coming City for New Grads,” and as one of TIME Magazine’s “Best Towns for College Football.”

A Caring Community:

Let's get to the heart of the matter. Boise has a lot of great people who care. This is not about just a few who make a difference. This includes the entire community. Boise is a clean and safe place. As a matter of fact, Boise recently recognized as the “Most Caring City in America.”  We also ranked 2nd in the nation for volunteerism and community outreach.  Boise was ranked according to its community initiatives, its caring for at-risk and homeless populations, and its concern for the local workforce.

A Green Leader:

Boise ranks in the “Top 20 Greenest American Cities.”  Based on the energy sources, transportation options, local lifestyle, and a variety of other factors, Boise ranked highly as a city that encourages an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Boise is a bicycle-friendly community and the city’s use of geothermal energy gave the capital a big boost.

An Undeniable Real Estate Market:

We have repeatedly been recognized as one of the “Hottest Housing Markets.”  Zillow has placed Boise at #5, but Boise has also ranked in USA Today’s Top 100 list for overall livability, and #6 on U.S. News and World Report’s list of “Best Places to Live.” Recently Wallet Hub placed Boise at the top of their list for First Time Home Buyers.

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