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6 Backyard Decorations That Are Worth The Money

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Your backyard is your own personal plot of land to use as a private oasis, entertainment area, and playground. Like with the inside of your house, take some time to design the look and feel of your patio and backyard. The investment is worth it. Use these 6 ideas for inspiration.

Outdoor dining set

If you have a patio or deck, one of the first and best purchases you can make is a table and chair set. The table can be as simple as a metal square with four chairs, or up to a large stone dining table with 6-8 chairs. Whatever suits your own personal tastes and can fit in the space you have.

To help you and your guest’s comfort, get pillows or cushions made from high-quality outdoor fabric. The fact that we get all four seasons in Boise means that whatever you leave outside will get battered by sun, wind, rain, snow, and whatever else nature throws at it. Buying high-quality materials made for outdoor use will save you from having to replace them every year.

Pro tip: Store cushions, pillows, rugs, and umbrellas in a dry place during the winter to keep them from getting wet and moldy.

Patio furniture

Beyond a dining set, other furniture can be beneficial too. Hammocks or hammock chairs are perfect for large eaves or overhangs. Rocking chairs, camping recliners, or cushy chairs like these below are perfect for entertaining or relaxing in your private oasis

In addition, you can get an outdoor umbrella to give yourself some extra shade and a fun pop of color. Most outdoor tables have a circle in the middle for an umbrella, or you can get a semi-portable umbrella on a stand. Like we stated above, make sure to get high quality materials that stand up to the elements and stow anything you don't want damaged by water and snow.

Fire up the grill!

Nothing says summer like cooking and eating outside. From a simple standalone grill to a professional setup with a large grill set in a stonework countertop, you will be able to become the grillmaster. Keep in mind that a high-quality grill will cook your food better and serve you for years to come. If you have the space and budget, springing for the professional equipment and stonework installation will add a conversation piece in addition to raising the value of your home if you wish to sell your home in the future.

Light the fire

If you have the space, a fire pit is a beloved backyard addition. It serves as a cozy gathering place at any point during the year. Having movable patio seating allows you to have anyone sit wherever they like as they warm up and toast marshmallows.

There are fire pits that can be bought in a store in plenty of shapes and sizes. On the higher end—like the professional grill setup— you can have a stonework fire pit built above ground or in-ground as a permanent fixture for your house. In addition, you have the option to have your fire pit lit by gas or wood—whichever suits your personal needs.


Photo credit: Patrick Tomasso via Upsplash

A well-lit outdoor area does more than provide security and help you find your way around at night. It provides an inviting living and entertainment space. Like everything else in this article and in your house, your lighting setup is all about your own personal tastes and usage. Simple strings of edison bulbs give off a warm glow that can run over your patio and through your trees. Lanterns can be hung anywhere and range from simple paper to ornate metal designs. LED lights, flame candles, or battery candles can be used in these lanterns to give you the look and lighting you want. Other ideas are the classic tiki torches, pool lighting, or solar lights that can be placed anywhere.


One of the biggest factors in the look of your home and your enjoyment of your living space is your home’s landscaping. According to landscape economist John Harris, landscaping can contribute up to 28% of your home’s overall value. Not only is your landscaping valuable to you and your home, it serves an important function.

You can choose plants and trees to increase privacy, provide shade, or attract certain animals. For example, Monarch Butterflies love milkweed and ducks love long grasses next to water. In addition, everyone (especially HOAs) love it when your lawn looks like a golf course. You can feel confident showing off a well-landscaped property while entertaining friends and neighbors.

You can do a lot to spruce up your backyard area to suit your own needs. A backyard is one of the best places to entertain family and friends, especially during the warmer months. Make the most of your space by decorating it to best suit your needs and personal taste.

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