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Top Real Estate Investment Markets in Idaho

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Finding the right location to buy properties is one of the biggest headaches of property investors. Identifying an area with the perfect combination of high demand for rental properties, moderately priced homes and high prospect for value appreciation is surprisingly difficult. If you have been looking for such a location, this article has just the place for you.

The state of Idaho in the Pacific Northwest of the United States has some of the most lucrative locations for buying investment properties in the country. Many areas of the state meet all the important criteria that savvy real estate investors look for in a viable location.

Five Star Management in Pocatello, Idaho shares a few of the reasons why Idaho is such a great real estate investment location and why you should be thinking of investing here.

Why you should buy property in Idaho


Exploding job market

In 2017 alone, Idaho experienced a 2.1% increase in new job openings, the largest in the US. This amounted to over 14,700 new jobs across the state. These were not seasonal jobs, but opportunities in industries in which more manpower is bound to be needed in the coming years.

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Budding technology hubs

In 2015, the city of Boise, with key business partners, launched Trailhead, a startup incubator in Boise. Since then, Idaho has seen an influx of young entrepreneurs and tech-industry workers, making it the state with the most number of business startups in the US.

Massive population growth

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Idaho is experiencing surges in the number of people moving into the state. Due to the state's attraction as a booming economic center and desirable living destination, new arrivals consist of both young professionals and seniors. This means a high and sustained demand for both starter and forever homes.

Idaho is beautiful

Known as "The Gem State", Idaho is incredibly beautiful. With 38% of its land held by the United States Forest Service (the most of any state) and huge swathes of it straddling parts of the Rocky Mountains, Idaho is a magnet for tourists and outdoor activities.

But where should you buy property in Idaho? Which cities offer the best return on investment?


The top real estate investment markets in Idaho


Boise, ID

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Boise is the capital and largest city in Idaho. In 2018 it had a population of 230,000 and is the fastest growing metro in the US. In recent years, job growth exceeded 3.6% with a further 50% expected in the coming years. Home values have been increasing by 10% year over year. The median listing price for properties is $350,000 and an average rent of $1,450.

Meridian, ID

Meridian ranks as one of the fastest-growing US cities (11%), with 106,000 residents - a 1000-fold increase from its 1990 population. Named by the Wall Street Journal and USA Today as America's best city to live in, Meridian has a fast growing job market. Home values in the city increased by 10.2% year over year. The median listing price is $390,000 and the average rent $1,600.

Nampa, ID

With a population of a little below 100,000 people and a growth rate of 5.7%, Nampa is Idaho's third most populated city. It combines a small town feel with the advantages of a big city. Rated as one of the most affordable cities in America, home values have increased by 15% year over year, with the median home listing at $280,000 and an average rent at $1,295.

Caldwell, ID

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Caldwell is within the Boise metropolitan area and has a population of 50,000, with a growth rate of 6.4%. It offers easy access to Boise and is home to the College of Idaho and the College of Western Idaho. Home values here have been growing at a rate of 16.3%, with median listing price at $250,000 and an average rent at $1,300.

Eagle, ID

Eagle offers easy access to Boise's job center while preserving its suburban appeal. It has grown 12% in recent years, with more growth expected. Home values have increased by 10% and despite of the median listing standing at $530,000; a further 6% growth is anticipated. The average rent is $1,269 (30% more than the previous year).

Coeur d’Alene, ID

Coeur d’Alene is located in the far north of Idaho and despite being in a mostly rural location, home values have increased by 15% in recent years. This is partly due to its attraction as a vacation destination for Californians. The median listing price for homes in Coeur d’Alene is $370,000 and the average apartment rent is $1,068.

Twin Falls, ID

In 2010, Twin Falls had a population of 41,000; it is currently close to 50,000 and poised to outgrow its "small city" designation. It is home to Southern Idaho University and the Shoshone Falls. Home values in Twin Falls have grown by 11.5% in recent years and the median listing price is $234,000, while the average rent is $475.

Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho Falls is a city of 60,000 residents with proximity to the Yellowstone National Park. It offers simultaneous access to nature and a booming job market. The cost of living is 10% below the national average, but home values grew by 15% in the last year.  The median listing price is over $250,000 and the average rent is $685.

This article was a guest post by Five Star Property Management in Pocatello, Idaho.

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