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What is the Timeline for Selling A Home?

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The question of how long it takes to sell a home is a common question, so we have provided an average timeline below.

In Boise, Idaho, your home will sell fast. Listings last an average of just 9 days on the market. The national average is 31 days on market. However, there is a fair amount of planning that must happen before your home's listing goes live and sells within a week.

Three months before putting your house on the market

Hire a real estate agent

The most important part about buying and selling real estate in the present-day (especially in a hot market like Boise) is picking the right real estate agent to represent you. Real estate agents have resources to help get your listing seen by the most amount of people possible: the MLS, photography, marketing, and social media. For example, every Build Idaho listing gets professional photography, immersive Matterport 3D virtual tours, aerial drone footage, agent walkthrough videos, and a dedicated social media outreach plan. All of these services are done in-house to ensure quality. Best of all, this comes at no extra cost to the seller.

Discuss your selling options

When you hire a real estate agent, you are obviously serious about selling your home. That being said, discuss the details about your finances, as well as the costs, and timeline for selling and moving. In addition, talk with your agent about your plans for buying your next house. If you are staying in the area, your agent can also help you look for your new home at the same time. If you are moving further away or out of state, ask your agent for a referral.

Two months before putting your house on the market

Pick a date for selling your home

Strategize with your agent about when you should put your house on the market. Factors to consider are:

  • Your own schedule
  • Time of year (spring and summer are historically the optimal time to sell)
  • Academic year

It even matters what day you put your home on the market. Listing on a Thursday attracts the most attention and sells the fastest because buyers will tour over the weekend. Many homes in Boise are listed on Thursday or Friday, have multiple offers written on Monday, and are pending by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Hire an inspector and make repairs

A pre-sale home inspection is imperative. It allows you to find and make any necessary repairs to the home before it gets sold. The fewer things buyers have to fix when they move in, the less they will want to negotiate on the price. You can also use the pre-inspection to disclose highlights of the property, as well as providing proof of the repairs being completed. Buyers love seeing how many new features are in the house. Old carpet, roofing, electrical, plumbing, and flooring are all deal-breakers for potential buyers. If all of these are new, it draws in more serious buyers. In addition, the inspection report will allow you to adjust your listing timeline if the repairs will take extra time. It is worth waiting until your home is in perfect condition before listing it.

One month before putting your house on the market

Determine your home’s list price

This will be largely performed by your agent. You’ll likely have an idea in your head, but your agent will gather data using a comparative market analysis of your home, the neighborhood, the surrounding neighborhoods, and the area of town you live in. All of these will determine the value of your home. Pricing your home is important. If you price it right, you will make more money, faster.


Trust us when we say: Your home may be decorated and organized exactly how you want it, but buyers will not like it. When it comes to showing your home, decluttering cannot be overstated. Go through every room, cabinet, and shelf with a fine-tooth comb and clear out clutter. Make closets, drawers, and cabinets look useful, but not overstuffed, to give the appearance of plenty of storage space. Bookshelves, built-ins, and anything with a shelf should be cleared out and minimally decorated. Tchotchkes and trinkets should be cleared out so they don’t crowd the space.

Expert tip: if you have dolls on display, remove them. End of story.

Consider this step part of packing. Get rid of what you don’t want, need, or use. From there, store everything offsite. The price of a storage unit for a month or two will be more than made up by the quick sale of your clean, organized house.

Professionally deep clean

Nobody wants to see—let alone move into—a dirty house. Like all air freshener commercials say, you’ve become nose-blind to all of the smells of your home. In addition, your carpets probably clearly show where the traffic patterns are; and your hardwood floors are probably scuffed. Hire a professional cleaning company to clean your whole house. If you don’t know a company, ask your realtor for a referral. A professional deep clean will revitalize every inch of your home and make it showroom ready. Clean homes stand out and sell faster.

Two weeks before putting your house on the market

Stage your home

Staging your home can add money to the selling price and decrease days on site. Now that your home is professionally cleaned, make it fully showroom ready by hiring a professional stager. They will help the space look bigger and brighter by arranging furniture and decorating. If they feel there needs to be some extra decluttering, listen to their advice. They know what looks good and helps sell homes quickly. Sometimes, your agent is a professional stager. This helps cut down on costs, and adds a personal touch. As of writing this, two Build Idaho agents are home stagers: Kelly Hendrickson and Candie Bruchman.

One week before putting your house on the market

Professional real estate photography

Professional real estate photography is the single biggest factor when it comes to selling your home. Since nearly all home searches happen online first, having amazing pictures will make the difference. In fact, listings with high-grade photographs sell 32% faster than listings taken with an iPhone. Like we mentioned above, Build Idhao takes care of all camera, virtual, and aerial photography in-house to ensure the highest quality standards for your listing. It’s part of our unparalleled marketing that helps you sell your home for top dollar. Have your home stager go through the house one more time just before photos are taken to ensure everything is perfect.

After putting your house on the market

Review offers and choose the winner

After all of the planning, cleaning, organizing, packing, and more cleaning, it is time for your efforts to pay off. In Boise and the Treasure Valley, you won't have to wait very long. You and your agent will go through the offers, give you advice about counteroffers, and help you with any negotiations that happen. 

When you choose the winning bid, enter the closing process. This will likely involve an appraisal and/or inspection contingency, so these must be completed before the deal can close. Afterward, all that is left is to finalize move-in and move-out dates, and sign the paperwork. You will hand the keys to the house, garage door openers, and number codes to the buyers when you have fully moved out of the home.

Final walkthrough

The final walkthrough is the opportunity for the buyers to take a final look at the property to ensure all repairs were made. In addition, the buyers will check to make sure that any items left on the property were supposed to be there as part of any negotiations or agreements.

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