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This year, Mad Swede Brewing in Boise is combining its Scandanavian-inspired roots with Halloween fun and socially-distanced, COVID-19-safe activities. To celebrate the release of their spooky autumn seasonal beer, Helhest Oat Ale, Mad Swede has created an outdoor haunted house. This is a unique event running through Halloween that you don't want to miss. Read on for more details.

Mad Swede Brewing was founded 4 years ago by Boise residents Jerry and Susie Larson. Both beer lovers and innovators with 30 years of brewing experience, the Larsons wanted to have fun with the science of brewing beer by creating fun, innovative, and sustainable brewing practices. Mad Swede produces world-class beer here in Boise, Idaho. Their brews have won awards from the North American Brewers Association (NABA) as well as at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). In addition, Mad Swede Brewing is opening up the Mad Swede Brew Hall in downtown Boise in November 2020. This brewhall is all about its hip, fun vibe and will feature a performance venue, and (of course) great beer. It will be located at 816 W. Bannock St. and will be 21+ only. The original tasting room at 2772 S. Cole Rd. is still open to all ages.

Mad Swede Brewing has become a community staple in Boise thanks to its family-friendly taproom, family-owned roots, and a creative internal culture. This year, that family-oriented and creative culture pulled out all the stops to create Helhest Helfest for 2020. Many events were canceled this year by COVID-19, and Mad Swede was not going to let Halloween be one of them! The haunted house is based around the legend of the Helhest, a three-legged ghost horse ridden by Hel, the Norse goddess of death and ruler of Helheim—the realm of the dead. Here are the event details from Mad Swede Brewing:

“Hel is stalking Boise atop Helhest looking for souls to claim this Halloween season, but thankfully, an offering of oats to the hungry Helhest will keep you safe from harm. Admission to the Helhest Helfest is $13 for adults and $7 for kids, and includes a tour of the haunted house, a pint of Helhest Oat Ale (or a delicious oatmeal cookie for kids & non-beer-drinkers), and a roll of the ghost dice to win a range of prizes. Parties are limited to 10 people and should ONLY include people in your Quarantine Pod. Parties will be led separately in 15-minute intervals through this no-touch, outdoor Haunted House to maintain social-distancing, and masks must be worn at all times when you are not sitting at your table and sipping beer.

Helhest Helfest launches on Saturday, October 10th in honor of Mad Swede’s fourth anniversary, and runs Wednesdays through Saturdays thereafter until Halloween. 

On Wed-Sat, all-ages reservations are available for a 5:00 p.m. seating and a 7:00 p.m. seating.

On Fri-Sat there is an additional 21+ seating at 9:00 p.m. Your reservation secures your table for two hours and gets you all the goodies listed above. Reservations are highly recommended, and will be available beginning October 1st through the Mad Swede Brewing website.”

For more information, check out Mad Swede’s website, Facebook, and Instagram.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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