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Boise Regional Realtors Released the Elmore and Gem County Real Estate Market Snapshot

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As promised in Friday’s blog, here are the real estate market snapshots for Gem and Elmore Counties from the Boise Regional Realtors measured from October 2019 to October 2020.

To read Friday’s blog about the Ada and Canyon County real estate market snapshots, click here. This article also details why home sales are up despite historically-low inventory.

Both Gem and Elmore Counties match the trends of Ada and Canyon Counties, but on a smaller scale due to smaller population sizes.

In Gem County, the median home prices have risen 31.9% year-over-year to $309,750. In the last year, 31 homes have sold after an average of 27 days on market. Overall in Gem County, inventory is down 41.4%. Gem County sits on the northern border of Ada and Canyon Counties. The county seat is the town of Emmett. Many people live in Emmett and work in the Boise area. Commuting from Emmett to downtown Boise takes about an hour

In Elmore County, the average home price is $231,475, up 19.5% from October 2019. In the last year, 46 homes sold in Elmore County after spending an average of 29 days on market. Inventory is down 69.5% from last year. Percentage-wise, this is close to the Boise area. Elmore County is to the southeast of Ada County, mostly along Interstate-84. The county seat of Elmore County is Mountain Home, which is home to the Mountain Home Air Force Base. Driving from Mountain Home to Boise takes about 45 minutes in Interstate-84. Luckily, the speed limit is 80 for all but the last half-mile getting to Boise, so you’ll zip right along!

2020 has been the epitome of unpredictability. Like we said on Friday, there are two things we can say with certainty about the Boise-area real estate market:

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