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Check out our interview with Misty Fisher, part of the Build Idaho team. She moved here from the Seattle area and loves it! Maybe you should take a leap of faith and make Boise your home.

Trey Langford and Misty Fisher talk about moving to Boise from Seattle

Meet Misty Fisher, our Director of Operations. She moved to Boise on July 6th, 2020 and she absolutely loves Boise! We asked her a few questions about making Boise her new home, she has lived here for about 9 months now.

Q: What brought you to Boise?
She responded with Family! They wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan area of Seattle.

Q: What have you learned about Boise that has surprised you so far?
Traffic was the most surprising. There is much less traffic here. She basically saves over two hours a day in commute time. One of the things Trey jokes about with friends is that traffic equates to about 6 minutes additional time in the car during the workday.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Boise?
Misty immediately answered "The weather." It makes her very happy to see the blue sky, plus the weather changes pretty quickly here.

Q: What makes you happy about Boise for your family? The Fishers spend so much more time doing things. she loves the recreation from hiking and biking to ATV riding. This winter they spent many weekends exploring Hemmingway Butte, just south of Nampa.

Q: What would you tell someone moving here from Seattle. She answered, "take a leap of faith." Her move has been absolutely amazing.

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