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If you are thinking of selling your home, How much appreciation could you have?

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Based on average real estate prices of homes across Ada County, it could be a lot.

Take a look at how the average sold price of homes across Ada County have changed over the last 10 years-

Boise Idaho Average home prices

You have probably heard reports about average sales prices and year over year appreciation but this chart helps visualize it.  If you purchased a home 10 years ago you could be sitting on $280k in appreciation. From 2012 to 2021, the price of your home may have gone up 2½ times what you originally paid for it. Obviously, each house is different and totally depends on several factors including:

  1. How old is the home and have you kept it up to date with remodeling so it does not look dated?
    • Is the carpet dirty or look worn out?
    • How many years are left on the current shingles on the roof?
  2. What neighborhood are you in?
    • Does it have a good reputation? Has the HOA maintained it well?
    • Does the neighborhood have a community pool?
  3. Does it have desirable features?
    • View of the Foothills?
    • Access to the Greenbelt

In real estate, location is very important, and in Boise, lifestyle is something people are willing to pay extra for. The convenience of being near the Greenbelt or Foothills can add immense value. People are also looking for waterfront property, gated communities and 55+ communities (to at least avoid mowing the yard). Real estate is a popular topic at the cooler, hopefully this help you understand a little more clearly recent appreciation and home values in Boise.

What's your home worth?

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