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Friday Rant: Not all business are created equal

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There is a place for everyone and that is how it should be. There are specialists and generalists. The problem is when someone's expectations are not realistic or a business presents itself as something they are not.

Life is not fair. It's just not. That should be a universal law or irrefutable principle, just like gravity.

In business, things can also be unfair as well. Some people offer low-cost products & services and people and others offer best-in-class level products and services. They are priced differently and should be. The problem is when businesses that offer low-cost solutions promote themselves as best in class. Another problem is when people purchase low-price products or services and expect the best in class? Common sense is not at work here, right?

Real Estate is experiencing a lot of that currently. Companies are trying to grow their brand and sell more homes. Some may tell you what you want to hear and hope that you will buy into their marketing. I expect some people want cheap services and to save money but please be aware that a company cannot afford to offer premium services for very long without charging for them. If you hire a company that has a great staff that loves what they do and are professionals, it costs money. If a company wants computers, software, and everything else it takes to run a business, they have to make money. If your business model is high-volume you must have people who are willing to do grunt work for not much money, guess what you get? People who don't like their job and people who probably don't have top-notch skills. 

The market is hot and a lot of people are getting their licenses. People are entering into the industry who think it is easy. Of course, it is easy, just like most anything, if nothing goes wrong. If real estate was simple and did not involve people, thousands of dollars, complicated contracts, rules, regulations, and laws, it would be really simple. Experienced real estate agents have learned all kinds of lessons about each aspect of the industry. How much is an experience worth? You never really know until you need it, both agents and clients. Experience is something you earn or learn the hard way. Welcome to life and the real world.

There are companies saying things that drive me crazy so today I just want to share some common sense.

  • One company said that their clients get information before everyone else. Really? In this competitive world, you don't think every real estate company is delivering the latest listings nearly immediately to their website and emailed out to their database?
  • I listened to a company promote their discount real estate services. Now I would expect them to say that the agents they hire (that work for less money) are just as good as everyone else but not better? Name any person who is really good at what they do, maybe even considered the best, that is willing to devalue their skills and service and go to work for someone else for a lot less money? The real world just does not work this way. I also research 6 of the agents that are part of this company and together they had a total of ZERO listing experience. Again, you get what you pay for.

Now to be fair, everyone was new at whatever they do at some point and had to learn. New agents may be able to offer very personable service because they have the time to spend with a client. Experienced agents are more efficient at their job because they have experience on their side. Really good agents may be really good but may not have the time a person would expect so the client experience could be disappointing if you are looking for someone to give you all of their time.

Anyway... just so frustrating to hear ads about a company that is trying to grow but providing information that is not common sense. If you wanted to build a new home- don't expect a luxury custom home building experience from a production home builder that is building for first-time home buyers.

Trey Langford, founder

Posted by tlangford at 6/11/2021 10:37:00 PM

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