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The 8 Most in-Demand Features Buyers Want in A House

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There are a number of features that buyers want in a contemporary home. Aside from lifestyle and the desire for a greater room, what homebuyers look for also includes the ability to grow their equity while being able to start a family. Below are lists of lesser-known features that are just as pertinent.

Hardwood Flooring

In recent years, carpets have fallen out of favor with hardwood floors becoming the new real estate gold standard. They have a fabulous appearance, are simple to maintain, and will stand up to the rigors of pets and young children.

Eat-In Cookery

In the past, many houses featured formal dining rooms that were separate from the kitchen, but this is no longer en vogue. Instead, homebuyers today want larger cookeries that contain islands, bars, and breakfast nooks where the family can dine. It conserves space by allowing families to cook, entertain, and eat within the same place.


Basements are sought after because they provide more storage room. Not only can you store extra stuff there, but it can also double as an entertainment center or fitness facility. Houses that come with basements will usually command a premium since basements aren’t as common and adding one to an existing property is expensive.

A Laundry Room

Those looking to buy a home today want a large laundry room that is separate from other domiciles. This will make it easier to handle the heavier loads of laundry which come from a large household and their pets. A study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders found that laundry rooms are the number one requested feature for those moving into a bigger home and the second most important feature for first-time homebuyers. It’s an added bonus if the laundry room is on the same floor as the bedrooms in a multi-story home. 

A Yard Surrounded by Fencing

It shouldn’t be surprising that those who’ve lived in cramped apartments for years want a house with a large yard that is separate from their neighbors. Not only does a fence separate and define the space which belongs to them, but it also provides security for their children and pets, as well as providing space to entertain guests and relax.

More Lighting and Windows

While every homebuyer wants excellent illumination with windows that can allow them to see outside, today’s buyers want more than was available in the past. Specifically, they prefer natural lighting over artificial illumination along with windows that offer sweeping views with blinds that are made from premium wood. Double pane windows are an upgrade that pays dividends since they do a much better job of keeping the air conditioning and heat inside where you want them. 

Climate Control

Air conditioning or climate control is the number one requested feature for homebuyers these days. A study undertaken on this subject found that forty-seven percent of buyers stated that they would not purchase a home that lacked A/C. Installing a new A/C system is pricey, but will help put your home in favor of more buyers. Of course, those living in the northern United States also want excellent heating and insulation during the winter. Making sure these systems are in good working order is paramount.


This is a must-have for anyone who owns at least one car, especially former renters that are used to living in places that don’t have them. The garage must be spacious so they can store their vehicles, workbench, supplies, and out-of-season decorations and clothes. Older homes can have single-car garages, while is it more common to have two-car garages. High-end homes can feature 3 or 4 garage bays and long and tall bays for RV parking.

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