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Why You Should Hire An Idaho Real Estate Agent

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Given how easily consumers can search online for homes, take virtual tours, and search for the answers to their real estate questions, why does anyone hire real estate agents anymore?

Consider these reasons:

  • Ability to locate properties for buyers that aren’t readily available to everyday searchers. We have helped many clients get in front of opportunities that were not available to the public. Our agents have many relationships that help us find building lots and homes that are coming online so our clients get the first chance.
  • Access to listings. We also are able to create well-defined searches that will notify you when your ideal home comes on the market.
  • Expertise, guidance, and knowledge. Buying and selling a home is a contractual event with deadlines and other critical dates that protect buyers and sellers. If you don't follow the rules or have someone protecting your interests you could lose thousands of dollars.
  • Attention to detail. We help you with negotiations, inspection, and all the other details that help you get to the closing table.
  • Help with transaction documents. There is so much documentation, where would you like to begin?
  • Negotiation skills. Did you know that most people that sell on their own are actually don't make as much money compared to working with a REALTOR?

There is really one overriding reason to hire an agent. Navigation

When the waters are calm and everything is on course, it seems easy. But what do you do when the waters get rough? What do you do when you get off course? Real Estate is very much about contracts. There are deadlines and critical dates that must be adhered to.

There is a lot on the line. Is it really in your best interest to try and save some money when selling an asset worth hundreds of thousands of dollars? Are you willing to go it alone and find out the hard way that an experienced agent is worth their weight in gold? There are so many stories of regular people attempting to navigate real estate and the law. It normally starts with someone who decided to interpret a contract for themselves and not a professional.

Also, for home buyers, What would it mean to find something off-market?

We would be honored to help you. We are licensed and are continuously learning about the latest trends in real estate. This includes everything from new developments to how the laws are adapting to the real-world situations buyers and sellers face in today's real estate environment.

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Posted by tlangford at 1/7/2022 2:41:00 AM

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