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How has searching for homes in Boise changed in the last 2 years?

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Real estate's favorite three words are: location, location, location. That is still important but now, we hear more about lIfestyle as part of a home buyer's search.

Lifestyle has become an important part of a home search as buyers are putting more emphasis on how they want to live. The floorplan, including the kitchen, family room, master bedroom, and outdoor living, are critical elements as people increase the importance of personal time, facetime with family, and time entertaining friends.

Sellers will find their homes much more attractive with updates that create these intimate spaces. Covid has transformed how we work and where we work from. Many people are now free to move and they are seeking more rural areas as they are no longer tied to an office for work.

Cheaper vs. Expensive Homes

Buying a home is all about value, whether it is for you or an investment. Getting more home for the money is the best way to see appreciation show up in your net worth faster but no matter the price you need to understand the anticipated additional costs to maintain the property moving forward. Everybody wants a deal but you need to see the big picture and evaluate anticipated cash outflow within at least the first year.


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