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What is the first task you should prioritize when moving into a new home?

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Moving is hard work and there are so many things happening all at the same time that what is normally simple gets complicated. In the midst of all the settling in, tensions can rise, important things get lost and timely details get unintentionally overlooked.

There are ten things that you should get done first.

  1. While the house is empty, do the immediate fixes. Did anything in the inspection come up that you intended to fix on your own or need a professional? This includes painting, carpet cleaning, and repairs that may make a mess. After moving in, things are covered up or out of sight and what once seemed important becomes too hard to get to.
  2. Set up utilities. This is easy to put off, thinking you will update once you are settled in but time flies. This step is best one as soon as you get the keys.
  3. File your homeowner tax exemption. This can save you thousands of dollars, but there are rules and deadlines to filing for these savings.
  4. Update address with all of your financial institutions: bank, credit cards, loan institutions.
  5. Update address with other important service providers: health care providers, medical insurance, home & auto insurance, cell phone, etc.
  6. Request internet service from a local provider. They probably won't get to you right away so starting the process right away means you'll get email, games, and TV back sooner. Or, if you moved within the same service area, have your service address changed starting when you plan to move into your new place.
  7. Change the locks.
  8. Change the garage code.
  9. Get the kids registered for school/daycare. In moving, you probably don't remember where all the important documents are. Have birth certificates, medical records, and other required records at your fingertips Starting quickly means the kids can get back into a schedule.
  10. Go meet your neighbors! You want to know them and they want to know you. When you need a lifeline, it is comforting to know your neighbors.

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Posted by tlangford at 4/7/2022 11:54:00 PM

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