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For two years the Boise Idaho real estate market has been the hottest in the country. Prices have been trending steeply upwards. Now the 'thought leaders' are predicting that Boise will be the first to fall.

The problem is that the media is full of hype and no common sense. I am not here to say that the steep incline in home prices is good, because it is not, but there is so much more going on.

Boise is a great place to live!

If it were not a good place, we'd all be leaving. If it were just good then the thousands of homes built last year would have been enough to meet demand and home prices would not have risen. But Boise is a great place to live for many reasons that we have posted blogs on and shared other resources on. 

We also live in a state with a lot of common sense which shows up in so many places including state government. This year, we are even getting a refund because the State of Idaho made too much money and it is the law that they have to return it. Name another state that is that fiscally responsible.

No one with a brain wants to see 30% appreciation YOY continue but remember this, it would not happen if no one wanted to live here. The funny thing is that most people that move here also hope we will close the borders so no one else can get in. They are also worried things will change.

One funny T-Shirt I read recently said this:

"I was not born in Idaho, but I could not wait to get here!"

Boise real estate is not going to collapse because the crazier the world gets the better Boise looks! We get calls from out-of-state buyers that share their unhappiness and frustration about where they currently live. One person shared a story about a homeless encampment where after a storm, the beach is filled with needles. What? I cannot imagine! There a so many stories about what has become acceptable that we do not deal with here in the state of Idaho. 

Many people are frustrated and concerned with the influx of people. Sadly, California is a beautiful state that has many challenges but they are becoming so large people are escaping to find a better place to call home. I don't blame them.

In the past, Boise was always noted as being 6 months behind in what is happening nationally. I am not sure why the media now believes we will lead the nation in a real estate & economic collapse? We have also been one of the first to rebound after an economic crisis like 2008.

Lastly, the economy is not based on manufacturing, government, or gambling. We have lots of tech and also retired people. We are a Zoom town. We are huge in agriculture. Tourism is big and many depend on it for their livelihood but as a state, we could survive if people stopped traveling for a while (like 2021). Few people move to Idaho to make their fortune.

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Trey Langford, founder

Posted by tlangford at 5/1/2022 7:38:00 AM
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