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What does healthy home have to do with durable home? Everything! we can not separate the two, if you are building a durable home, you are taking measure to also build a healthy home. todays homes have many more indoor air quality concerns than homes of the past, not that the older homes are healthier, it is just that we have introduced construction techniques or the lack there of, and building products that can effect the indoor air quality. Also we are spending more time indoors than in the past, we live longer than we used to, etc. So how does building with a healthy home in mind effect the durability of the home? read more

Some colleges and I are doing a presentation at the Boise Public library free to the public on Healthy Home solutions. topics discussed are Hypoallergenic non-toxic homes, green building and remodeling, Indoor air quality, Green building materials. This will be held on March 7th at 6:30 pm and will go till 8:30 pm. the topic will be Healthy Home Solutions, and will be a very generic introduction to things a person should think about when building or remodeling a home for a healthy living environment.

How does this effect durability? Well if you don't build with durability in mind, you will not have a healthy home. How many homes today have mold problems? how many have moisture problems? We are hopefully building tighter buildings than we did in the past, so how does that effect the home? why has asthma and allergies increased at such an alarming rate? Do the flashing details and drainage planes really effect indoor air quality?

If we build for a healthy indoor environment, would it make sense that we should also think about the exterior details of the home? if we miss the flashing details and water is introduced to a building does it make sense that it will adversely effect the building shell? could this lead to unhealthy environment? If we are not properly draining the water away from the building are we creating problems with the home environment? If a home has a large supply leak in the forced air heating system and the the home is in negative pressure will it induce contaminants or moisture into the building? see how these tie together? to learn more come to the seminar, or go to our website www.onpointadvantage.com for upcoming seminars on building science related topics. Also a good source of information is www.eeba.org a systems approach to how we build or remodel makes allot of sense once you start to understand how the individual components of a building tie into and effect each other.

Tad Duby
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Posted by Tad Duby at 3/1/2007 4:04:00 AM
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Re:Healthy Home solutions
Excellent points Mr Duby. I agree completely, especially with the durability factor. Not only are the duribility benefits obvious when looking at each end result individually (i.e. drainage plane=mold), but when you consider sustainaility in the long term I think each individual problem, such as mold, adds up to a house in which the longevity in general is reduced. And the best green building (in terms of natural resources) is the one that stands the longest and doesn't end up in the landfill.
Keep up the great work, you are doing all of us builders a huge service
Posted by on 3/1/2007 5:11 AM
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