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About four months ago we jumped back into the home construction game with a new understanding of building costs. Read more on how we selected a builder and the perfect floor plan and managed to stay within our budget.

         About four months ago we jumped back into the home construction game with a new found understanding of building costs. After our initial meetings with a few local builders that offer owner / builder programs we decided to build with Idaho Pre-Cut homes in Meridian. www.idahoprecuthomes.com/

There were several reasons that we liked what Idaho Pre-Cut had to offer. First and foremost they provide a great product (Pre-Cut walls) as well as builder services. The precut structure made a lot of sense to Jon and me because they are machine cut and laser measured which produces a square efficient structure that can be set in less than one day. It saves you all the costs of framer mistakes and unused or warped lumber. It also saves you time because they can be manufactured as you are doing the site prep.

Idaho Pre-Cut also allowed us to finance with our own lender, and they let us to take on as much of the building activities as we wanted in order to maximize our equity. Jon is an experienced framer and we are saving a lot upfront because he is going to set the precut walls. We also have a lot of friends and family with a variety of construction skills that have offered to help and we wont hesitate to take them up on those offers.

We eventually found a floor layout online that was almost perfect. We had Idaho Precut draft a preliminary plan from the layout we provided and they let us make any changes we wanted as long as they were structurally possible and within code. So we made several of our own changes and a few from their suggestions and recommendations.  We managed to get a custom designed home with everything we wanted that was actually going to be affordable.

So we now have the full floor plans complete, we have been pre-approved for our loan with first horizon www.firsthorizonusa.com/tonydiehl (they have a great money saving one time close construction / mortgage loan) and our Pre-Cut rep AJ is almost finished with the cost breakdown. As soon as he is done our mortgage broker Tony will order the appraisal and then we can close on the loan. $$$ = J


Show Me the Money- Jerry McGuire,

Money get back, I'm all right Jack keep your hands off my stack" -Pink Floyd



Sarah Pokorney

Owner / Builder / Wife

Posted by Sarah Pokorney at 3/12/2007 5:48:00 PM
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