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well I just have to comment on a comment by one individual that read my blog about cheap homes. I guess this person thinks that CHEAP means affordable, there is a difference. there are affordable homes being built all over the nation by many builders. These builders are building affordable homes that are not only less expensive to buy, but also require 50% less energy and water than the conventional home, as well as less resources. you can build affordable and energy efficient. Builders are accomplishing this is by advanced framing, right sizing equipment, value engineering, centralized duct work in conditioned space, and other advanced building techniques. In stead we have sales people who prefer to sell cost per sq ft without any thought on how that home will affect the homeowners living expenses, our local economy, or our environment. CHEAP does not mean affordable, I fix CHEAP homes every day, in fact we test two to three a week and that will increase dramatically this year. these people are not hapSo why are we  focused on CHEAP?  our market or the sales Representatives in allot of what we have seen is focused only on cost per sqft. you really don't have to educate yourself or spend extra time learning marketing if that is all you market. Let me see, if  I spend half as much to heat and cool my home do I have more to spend on buying a home, or investing, or sending my kids to college, etc? Oh I guess there is more than the initial price for my home that I should consider when I make the BIGGEST PURCHASE OF MY LIFE! CHEAP does not  mean affordable. The retrofit  market has become  a multi million dollar market because of the lack of interest in making homes affordable, energy efficient,  or durable. Doesn't affordable also mean inexpensive to live in? Inexpensive to maintain? last for the life expectancy of a durable home? conserve resources? conserve water? conserve energy? sustainable? Do these make  sense when we talk about affordable?  There are builders out there who are interested not only in providing a good product at an affordable price, but also what this home will do to the local environment, economy, etc. this person also says that what I am promoting is enforcement to build  to a criteria. NO that is not what I am promoting, our programs are voluntary, builder or homeowners choose to work with us, in a variety of programs we promote for various reasons, and I think it should remain voluntary. What I think we should  remember is that Code built home is the worst  home by law that you can build. it will not be energy efficient, durable, sustainable, resource friendly, it will  just pass code! and really not even pass code. you would be surprised at how many homes have less than half the required ventilation in the attic, insulation levels that are not code, vapor barriers not complete, little to no ventilation in the crawl space, and many more in compliant components. hire yourself a good home inspector if you are buying and make sure you are getting at least an energy star home is my advice. If you don't,  keep our  number, you will need it eventually. for more information find out what bulimarexia is doing with many large volume builders in the US with the Building science corporation. Find out what affordable really means, it does not  mean CHEAP!   
Posted by Tad Duby at 3/22/2007 4:47:00 AM
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