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So we tested a home this week that was beautiful, they did all the right things, kept the integrity of the historical architecture, used healthy environmentally preffered products, great design, improved insulating and efficiency of the home and HVAC equipment, just overall a beautiful job. however they called us to see just how good they did. Well here are the resultsLike many remodels and new homes the product looks great, it is whats behind the product that people call  us for. so here is what  we found. the new duct system and heating cooling system is so leaky we could not pressurize it with our  2000 CFM fan ( one ton of cooling is 400 cfm) the crawl space was done very poorly, no vapor barrier, garbage all over the crawl ( mold source) very poor insulation details, no ventilation, ducts on ground ( not code compliant), plants growing in crawl space, extremely leaky ducts, poor connections, penetrations to exterior not sealed, i could go on and on. So to say the least these clients were not happy, they had done the  research, put in the right products, hired the right  contractors, and still ended up with a green home that performs about the same or worse than the non-insulated home they started with.  and because of the insulation improvements and others they could  actually have made the durability issues  greater and will lead to  failure of the home or it's components. Have your home performance tested and verified to make sure  the improvements are really being done, and the whole house if being addressed not just the parts you see.
Posted by Tad Duby at 3/22/2007 5:26:00 AM
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Re:Green remodel
So Tad if they did so much right and still had so much wrong, what can we learn? I think this resonates strongly with people but it is so frustrating to set yourself up for success and then fail. You summary leads me to believe they purchased the right products and had professionals install them. Where did they go wrong? What should they have sone? Also, do they have any opportunities to have contractors fix issues, especially if it is not according to code?
Posted by on 3/22/2007 6:52 AM
Re:Green remodel
respnse to question about what happened. the clients will have some things to go back to the remodeling cotractor on, but do you really want them fixing the issues? The problems of what happened has fuled huge protocols for third party inspections. Do you know that most all nations are requiring third party ratings (inspections) of homes new or existing to go into effect in two years? why? because of the issues I have explained in previous blogs and the need to lower our consumption on our resources globally. What can we learn? Hire a specialist is what I would say, of course that is what we do, but there are contractors addressing the issue of education and learning that they need to educate themselves on the building science of building, before they have problems. they did everything right really, there is just an disconect with construction in general that does not understand or leaves it up to others to understand the principles of a systems built home, or the building science of homes. this is why I go to several seminars and trainings every year to keep abreast of technology, education, advanced diagnostics, etc. tune in to ACI conferneces if you really want to understand construction. www.eeba.org the information is out there for the ones that want it, and more readily available to us all than ever before.
Posted by on 3/22/2007 7:16 PM
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