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so I have been bouncing around from topic to topic, and probably will continue to do so. I read so many articles etc that should be passed on, or addressed. But I think we should try to take a home from the ground up, and walk through the durability details? what do you say? I am not saying i am the expert, just hopefully will pass on some experience or knowledge that i have, maybe have some healthy debates, and refer people to sources of good information by the leading experts in the construction industry today.

So next series lets try to start at the beginning. where does it start? at the plan stage right, and what about the site, can that effect durability? choosing a architect or at least plan designer that understands building science is crucial. Don't  order a plan out of the catalog, I say again DON'T ORDER A PLAN OUT  OF THE CATALOG. Spend the money to get started right. Educate yourself on things to look for, and hire a contractor that is willing to take suggestions.

Not the contractor I once worked with that told me "  He did not have to fix his vapor barrier in the crawl space! the code official passed it off! This home had 60% relative humidity in the crawl, 8 foundation vents for a 3000 sqft home (not even close to code). This was supposed to be a vented crawl space! Nice try, but no cigar! I ended up fixing the vapor barrier myself after the fourth trip to this homeowners home to inspect it, and terminated by relationship with this contractor. So there are some that think they can get away with not addressing what you can not see, but there are others who really want to build it right, and are willing to accept suggestions or information, so seek those out! don't hire a plan designer, or contractor because you like the floor plan. This is not an EMOTIONAL decision to make. More to come.

Posted by Tad Duby at 3/31/2007 4:36:00 PM
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