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Well the last question was "what do the homeowners do now" Here is where we are at. So we have reviewed our report and findings with the clients and they have chose to hire On Point to fix the vapor barrier in the crawl space, condition the crawl space with spray foam insulation (soy based), Seal the duct work and air seal the home. The homeowner will address some of the other items of recommendation.

I will give a report on the conditions of the home as it was at the pretest and then the conditions after the items of recommendations to the home are completed, tested, and inspected.We are bidding to install a sealed white visqueen vapor barrier, conditioning the crawl space, air sealing the home, duct sealing the system, and eliminating the kinks and supporting the ducts off the ground, hauling away the garbage in the crawl space, we are going to try to figure out how to eliminate a return that the HVAC contractor used a joist cavity  (extremely leaky and poor indoor air quality-DON'T EVER LET SOMEONE DO THIS TO YOUR HOME) and of course the job will be inspected and performance tested again with the clients. Here is the copy of the summary of recommendations:

Part 3.  Summary of Recommended Retrofit


Option #1


1.      Seal ductwork in Crawl space and attic 181 (RCD, or water based low VOC) mastic on all accessible connections, boots, plenum's, and furnace. Supply and return flex duct should be connected with mechanical fasteners on inside and outside sleeves (check all connections). NO TAPE, seal all supply boots and plenum's.

2.      Remove garbage, and plant material from crawl space.

3.      Seal vent in foundation.

4.      Replace crawl space vapor barrier with 6 mill black or white plastic, Lap all joints minimum 12 inches both directions, and mechanically attach to stem wall above cold  joint. Seal all seams and to concrete with mastic sealant.

5.      Air seal crawl space penetrations in rim and sub floor, Caulk and seal plumbing penetrations under cabinets, Install weather strip on double  hung windows, Weather-strip crawl access door, mechanical room penetrations with fire approved sealant. Establish thermal boundary with spray foam between crawl and home. Seal penetrations on exterior of home around mechanical, electrical, gas, and plumbing fixtures.

6.      Complete drain tile around home to take water from roof away from foundation.

7.      Condition crawl using spray foam insulation and mechanical ventilation. Consult with On Point LLC

8.      Blow in attic insulation after retrofit work to equal R-38 minimum attic insulation (R-50 better).

9.       Install CO alarm on levels with combustion equipment.

10.  Install CFL bulbs in replacement of incandescent light bulbs.

More to follow  as we improve the home! Keep posted


Posted by Tad Duby at 4/6/2007 4:58:00 AM
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