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What does it cost not to size equipment and do team design meetings Main The Durable Green Home
Here is a comment on a project that did not involve a design phase meeting up front and what it cost the project. What would it have cost to do a design Charrette (team meeting) to incorporate input from the project team, truss company, framing company, windows, heating, energy efficiency consultant, builder, etc. Far less than it will cost now! sizing is done with ASHRAE manual D and J calculations and requires input of the building design, and that it is done correctly. Don't let someone size a system by running energy modeling software, or rule of thumb. have it done right, by someone who knows. And make sure they are the ones that warranty the work! Registered, and insured etc. By doing team meetings up front and taking input a person can substantially cut construction or design costs. read more

Notes from the Heating contractor: As a note of interest: Had this home been rotated 45 degrees the cooling load would have been 3.3 tons instead of 5.1. The heating company they were going to use quoted them a 4 ton system. This is what happens when the heating company takes a guess at the equipment sizing. I would like to have had us involved from the design end rather than at the framing stage, we could have saved them money both on building the home and operation cost. I havent taken the time to calculate the 30 year cost of a 5 ton vs. a 3 ton, but add interest to the utility cost and I bet they would have been years ahead on their loan payoff. Thanks again for the reference, Stanley

Through the LEED for  Homes program, we work with builders, developers, architects in helping them build Green certified homes. We use the program to implement design phase meetings to incorporate the team input into the design of the project. By doing this the project or home has the potential to cost the same or less than if you would have built a standard home without the team meetings. To find out more  on how this can save cost of construction or design, check with the local Idaho chapter of the USGBC www.usgbcidaho.org for the copy of the CD that was done on the Banner Bank Building in downtown Boise Idaho. By bringing the team together and gathering input before the design was finished it not only helped bring the project within cost of standard construction, lead to the performance of 50% improvement and now we have one of the few LEED Platinum buildings in the nation Here in Idaho! Check out or website for more information on LEED for Homes and how you can make that a part of your project. www.onpointadvantage.com Rememberer we are a team when we build a home, not just a individual Group of contractors!

Tad Duby
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Posted by Tad Duby at 4/17/2007 4:14:00 PM
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