10 Things the Military Taught me about Home Construction Main Owner Builder Log
Just a few tips from the "School of Hard Knocks"

Everyone stay in step: Everyone involved in building need to be working on the same timeline. We dont take kindly to those who march to their own beat.


Adapt and Overcome: When it is crunch time and all you have is a a right handed hammer for left handed framer press on.


Talk the Talk: Get up to speed on the current industry lingo. This will enable effective communication with your builder and contractors. Roger Wilco ???


Hurry up and wait: Some parts of the building process have a specific sequence that they must follow and some also take more time that expected. Set realistic timelines and do everything within your power to keep things moving. Dont let projects set dormant without checking on progress. Time really is money (your money)


Maintain a sense of urgency: You never know when its going to hit the fan so at any given time you should be aware of your situation and ready to act.


Always use common courtesies: It is amazing how far a sir, maam, please, and thank you can carry you. It can be just the thing that keeps the project running smooth.   


Read everything you sign and dont throw anything away: Never sign under without feeling 100% confident, ask questions, and always get extra copies.


Use your Chain of Command: Know who is in charge at all times, make sure they know who you are and keep them up-to-date.


Conduct Inspections regularly: Dont expect what you dont inspect.

Never declare mission accomplishedtoo soon: Building a home is never over. The moment construction ends maintenance begins. Make a home maintenance timeline according to the manufacturer guidelines and stick to it. A home maintenance program is also a smart investment to keep your home in great shape.

Posted by Sarah Pokorney at 4/26/2007 6:47:00 PM
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