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Hot water/ No waste. Plumbing is one place where the efficiency word cuts both ways. We love to use water when it means unlimited hot showers or plump and happy garden tomatoes but its hard to get as excited about that water bill every month.

We want what we want and are open to efficiency only if it doesnt inconvience us. So heres a no-brainer, a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too solution that will help you save water by giving you what you want sooner.

We send a lot of wasted water down the drain every day just waiting for the hot water to arrive. A shower faucet 25 away from the water heater is going to send twelve gallons of potable water down the drain before the water is warm enough to step in and begin showering. This is true whether the water heater is 50 gallon or tankless, whether the water is heated by gas, electric or solar. No matter how green your source of heating is, if the hot water is not delivered efficiently there will be waste.

Fortunately the solution is easy: an on-demand circulation pump (Metlund is the brand I prefer - http://www.gothotwater.com/). Heres how it works. You know you are about to take a shower, so you press a little button, this button primes the hot water lines: bringing hot water through the pipes and circulating the cool water that was in the pipes back into the system instead of down the drain. When you turn on the tap the water in hot enough to use. The system easily retrofits into old plumbing situations using the exisitng cold water line as the recirculation loop.


Average installation cost is around $800 with average annual savings in water and energy bills of around $200. You do the math and tell me if this makes sense or not.

Josh Bogle
PO Box 324, Boise ID 83701

Green is... durable, efficient, healthy, & beautiful
Posted by Josh Bogle at 4/30/2007 5:05:00 PM
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