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Retrofit of a Green remodel follow up #2 Main The Durable Green Home
Here is what we have corrected in the remodel that was done in the north end. the couple really did all the things right in the Green remodel they were trying to acheive, just the contractor and trades did not pay attention to the details that really make a difference in the health, safety, comfort, and durrability of the home.

so where are we at? we have sealed the duct system with Mastic low VOC sealant, re-attached the supply and return ducts properly, detached the kinked ducts and installed metal fittings for better air flow, sealed the accessible metal ducts and connections, hauled out a 6 x 12 foot trailer of garbage out of the crawls space, installed and taped the seams on a white vapor barrier in the crawl, insulated the stem walls with spray foam and conditioned the crawl space. Still left are the air sealing in the attic, touching up insulation in the attic, and post testing the retrofit.

what are the results so far? well the duct system is still leaky because of a joist plenum that was used by the contractor we could not get to with out major demolition. This HVAC contractor took a 10 inch return duct, chipped out the concrete basement wall for a small 8  inch duct and siliconed the fitting to the wall, then panned off the joist bay at both ends and that is the return? What a Joke! Wish there  was more we could have done. then there are ducts in the basement ceiling that we can not get to. when the furnace is on the air coming out of the ceiling penetrations blows your hair back (if you have hair). So again we can not access this without some major demolition-still the system is improved, less duct leakage, better air flow, and improved indoor air quality. Other things we found was the furnace was not really supported, the contractor had blocked it up with bricks and shims that were not even touching the furnace, so we also installed pumps to support the furnace.

the crawl space will not have the moisture and durability problems that were going to happen as a result of what was done in the remodel, and the indoor air quality has been dramatically enhanced with what is done so far. More to come.

Posted by Tad Duby at 5/3/2007 2:35:00 PM
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